Core memory, unlocked

A home run with the bases loaded. Propose on a crowded street. "Happy Birthday" is over and the candles are blown out. These emotionally charged moments are cinematic on their own, but add in a shimmering piano score and echo effects, and you have one of TikTok's most tear-jerking trends: the "core memory" meme. Most trends on TikTok ask you to film something new, but the Core Memories trend asks you to dig out of your hard drive something so precious that it's at the core of who you are. Since late January, people have been posting videos on TikTok showcasing special moments in their lives, complete with nostalgic soundtracks and dreamy narrations. Videos tagged #corememories have been viewed nearly 600 million times, and the iconic Core Memories soundtrack has been used in 1.5 million videos.

While "core memory" sounds like a legitimate psychological term, it was an idea envisioned by Pixar for the 2015 film Inside Out. It describes events associated with strong emotions that in turn become formative experiences - like in the movie when the main character Riley plays with her best friend Meg for the first time, or at a hockey game Scored the first goal.

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According to therapist Caroline Give, LCSW, this trend reflects a desire to create a cohesive narrative from people's favorite experiences. "Recognizing the process and realizing that you can choose what to emphasize in your own life's journey can be very powerful and empowering," Given tells Bustle. "I think of it as a form of narrative therapy. It helps teach people that they are the narrator of their own lives, and I think understanding how experiences define you can help us make sense of our existence," she said, adding , which can be an antidote to feeling chaotic or lost in life. control.

Ready to show the world what parts of your camera roll shape you? Here’s how to get involved in the core memory TikTok trend:

Find your core memory

Search the depths of your camera roll for clips that mean something to you. While anything can become a core memory, the most profound clips make you want to ugly cry, smile, or instantly send to a friend with watery eyes or heart-fire emojis. Like a photo of "the" you'll know it when you see it. After uploading to TikTok and trimming, click "Next".

Using core memory audio


Most of the videos in Core Memory Trends use the Cornfield Chase - Piano audio track. Although you don't have to do this, it's popular for a reason - the tender notes sound like any emotional movie scene trying to tug at your heartstrings. To find it, click on Sound in the lower left corner and enter it into the search bar.

Add echo effect


If your video has audio, you can add an echo effect to it to make it sound like a whimsical dream or a distant memory. Combined with the music, this effect really brings a key nostalgic energy to the video. Just click "Voice Effects" on the vertical right-hand menu and scroll until you find "Echo."