Now you can fix more Samsung devices yourself

Samsung wants you to keep any device you may have, but that's okay, they probably have a self-healing option no matter what it is.

One way to save yourself money and ensure another gadget doesn't end up in a landfill is to repair it yourself, and Samsung has expanded its Self-Repair program to help you do just that.

The company announced on Tuesday that its self-healing program is about to be "significantly expanded." The expansion includes 14 new Galaxy devices, including smartphones such as the Galaxy S23 series, Z Fold5 and Z Flip5; new tablets, including the Galaxy Tab S9 series; and the Galaxy Book2 series of 2-in-1 laptops. More interestingly, though, Samsung says it's adding "20 visual display products, including Freestyle second- generation projectors," but that also includes TVs, soundbars, monitors, and other products.

The addition of these new products enables Samsung’s self-repair plan to cover “nearly 50” Samsung products. The parts needed to perform these repairs yourself are provided through a partnership with Encompass Supply Chain Solutions.

Samsung's Self-Repair program first launched in 2022 with iFixIt, which is still the provider of some of the self-repair guides you can find through Samsung's Self-Repair program, although the partnership appears to be limited to Samsung's Galaxy phones.

Smartphone problems that you can fix yourself include speakers, charging ports, displays (front and back), and inoperable keys. On Galaxy Book laptops, you'll be able to replace speakers and fans, repair the display, repair the fingerprint reader and touchpad, and more.

In the Home Entertainment category, you'll be able to fix issues related to "Power, Sound, and Wireless Communications."

It appears that all of the newly supported devices are listed on Samsung's self-service repair service website, and you can start ordering parts through Encompass right away. You can view/purchase repair guides on the Do-It-Yourself Repair Service website or download them when purchasing parts.