How to find the best music for your zodiac sign on Spotify

In the age of invisible audiences and algorithms, many internet users have developed an insatiable passion for being perceived. After all, who doesn’t love bragging that the TikTok algorithm predicted that your sense of humor matched ElmoTok’s perfectly, or that the Instagram ad knew you were looking for Phoebe Bridgers tickets? Of course, being watched can feel pretty weird—as many mememers have mused, their "FBI agents" are monitoring their online behavior. But what about when AI-powered surveys deliver customized content that matches your interests exactly? Well, being noticed has its benefits. If you've always longed to show off your personality in cute infographics (see: your annual Spotify Wrapped Day countdown), then Spotify's The Zodiac Affinity plugin is written in the stars for you.

Designed to create the perfect playlist for you based on your zodiac sign, the platform scans your Spotify library and recently liked songs to create a short playlist of songs that best match your zodiac sign, which you can choose from a drop-down menu on the website. So if you're an Aries, you might be looking forward to some moody Olivia Rodrigo songs in your Cancer playlist, or some fiery Charli XCX in your lineup.

How to Use Spotify Zodiac Affinity to Find Playlists for Your Zodiac Sign

First, visit the Zodiac Affinity website. You first need to log into your Spotify account on the website, which will authorize the website to access your account data (name and username, profile picture, how many followers you have on Spotify, and your public playlists) as your account Activity (what you have saved in your library and your top artists and content). You can revoke this site's access to the data in your Spotify account later at any time.

Zodiac sign affinity

From here, you simply select your logo from the drop-down menu and click "Next." You'll see a list of five songs in your Spotify library that match your zodiac sign. PopSugar reports that it's unclear how the songs were selected, but I think Planets may have some sway over our Spotify library. From using this feature, these songs are usually pulled from your most recently liked songs on Spotify.

Zodiac sign affinity

Once you've found your own personalized playlist based on your sun sign, you can try out your loved ones' zodiac signs to test how accurate they feel — or, may we suggest making a sweet zodiac sign playlist for your partner ? If you're looking for a hyper-personalized expression of yourself, you can even create a complete birth chart playlist using your three major signs (Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign) to more fully embody your musical vibe.