How to use the CapCut feature found everywhere on TikTok

While many creators on TikTok are known for their superb editing skills, you don't need to be an expert to make your videos look impressive. There are tons of unique filters and editing tools to give your content a professional look, starting with the popular CapCut feature on TikTok. There's a lot you can do with CapCut to take your videos to the next level, so if you want to up your content game, here's how to use the CapCut app in your next TikTok.

IYDK, CapCut is a free video editor app that makes creating eye-catching content so easy. The application allows you to import your own videos and photos into different editing templates to easily generate high-quality videos. Some of the editing features you'll find on CapCut include cool transition templates, unique photo layering tools, song-specific editing settings, and more. Some of CapCut’s most popular templates on TikTok include a sailing ship in a moonlight meme, a quick transition clip from Finn Wolfhard, and a soulmate moon phase showdown.

While you may have seen the option to create videos using CapCut on the app before, you can't actually use the video editor directly on the TikTok app. In order to access all the unique editing features CapCut has to offer, you need to download and edit content in the CapCut application. So, how does editing on CapCut actually work? Here's an overview of how to use the app, so you can start producing some very proficient content without putting in hours of work.

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How to use the CapCut application

Before you start editing with CapCut, the first thing you need to do is download the application. Once you've done this, you can start importing your footage into the desired template before you even create an account.

start a project

If you're ready to bring your video ideas to life, click the "New Project" button on the "Edit" page to get started, then select the video or photo you'd like to use via your Camera Roll. Next, click the "Add" button in the lower right corner to import the footage into your project. From there, you have access to all editing tools, including transitions, video effects, filters, and more. You can also add stickers, text, and audio to your future TikTok, and adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, and shadows as needed.

Find a template

If you're not sure what type of video you want to make, you can always peruse the long list of available templates under the Templates tab. If you are looking for templates that are going viral on TikTok, you need to select the “For TikTok” option, or you can also scroll through the “For You,” “For Reels,” or “Following” tabs to find some inspiration as well.

Using CapCut via TikTok

Next time you're scrolling through FYP and come across a template you'd like to use, all you have to do is click the "CapCut — Try this template" button above the original poster's TikTok handle. Then, click on the "Use Template in CapCut" option and then click on "Open". Once you've done this, the template will open in the CapCut app and you can start making your own adjustments to the viral trend by clicking on the "Use Template" option in the lower right corner.

Next, you'll be asked to select the footage you want to import by clicking the circle in the corner of each video. When finished, be sure to click the "Preview" button to see the results before using the "Export" button to save your work. Yes, it's that simple.

capping cut

CapCut Tutorial

If you're looking for a more in-depth explanation of how to use your favorite templates and editing tools, CapCut also offers a tutorial section with short, easy-to-follow videos and step-by-step instructions that are great for you. Learn how to use the app. Goodbye, iMovie—hello, CapCut.

Editing TikTok content doesn't have to be difficult. Creating impressive videos for TikTok is sure to be a piece of cake as long as you have the CapCut app and some top-notch content to go with it.