(Updated) Didn't try to bypass iMessage but failed

The Android/iPhone chat bubble color debate is ending.

On November 14, Nothing, the maker of Nothing Phone, launched Nothing Chats, a new chat app for users of Nothing Phone (2) that finally ends the Android chat bubble color war. If you've been hiding in a cave since the advent of smartphones, green Android chat bubbles are the bane of everyone's existence. Why can't we have chat bubbles of the same color?

However, on Saturday, November 18, Nothing removed the new app from the Google Play Store. According to a post on X (formerly Twitter), the move is to address "several bugs." Users noted that these errors were actually security and privacy issues that could put people using the app at risk.

The problem with message bubble coloring goes a little deeper than color. It has to do with the format of the message sent by the Android or iPhone device. Nothing has partnered with US developer Sunbird to create the Nothing Chats app, which allows users to send messages (with a signature blue bubble) using an Apple ID (yes, on the Android-based Nothing Phone).

Now, Sunbird is not working with anyone to fix the bugs that people are worried about.

If released again, the Nothing Chats app would only run on the Phone(2), the latest version of Nothing's mobile offering, but the notification of the app's removal only mentioned that the app's launch would be delayed until "Further Notice". No further details have been revealed about how long it might take to resolve the privacy issues discovered by users, and when (or even if) the app will become a reality.

So, if you are one of those people who can't stand seeing different colored bubbles in chats, we regret to tell you that you may have to live with it for a while longer.