You need to re-verify your age in meta tasks

Meta wants to make sure you are old enough to use Meta Quest the way you want. All Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 users will be required to verify their age on their Meta account within 30 days of being prompted, the company announced in a blog post on Tuesday.

The company says it does this to help developers better understand the ages of users who download its apps and to protect younger users from inappropriate content. The company has its own user age group API that can share a user's age group to app developers. In theory, developers could create different app experiences for different age groups, so that when you log in, you receive an age-appropriate experience.

The meta account considers three age groups:

  • Adult (18+) : These users can choose to make their profile and activity public or private.

  • Teens (13-17) : Most of these accounts are set to private by default, including profile and activity status. Teens must approve followers, rather than allowing them by default, and parents can leverage supervision tools to control the experience.

  • Preteen (10-12) : These accounts are completely parent-managed. Parents must set up accounts for their children and have all settings set to private. Parents have the final say on whether their children can download apps and can also block apps.

How to verify your age on Meta Quest

If you haven't done so already, you will soon receive a prompt asking you to verify your age on Meta Quest. Once completed, you will have 30 days to log into your meta account and enter your date of birth. This should be a simple process for most users. However, if you enter your birthday incorrectly, Meta says you can change it if you verify your identity with ID or a credit card.

After confirming your date of birth, Meta will show you the account types appropriate for your age. For example, if the selected account type is Teen but the user says they are 11 years old, Meta will prompt them to change the account type to Preteen or ask for confirmation that the user is at least 13 years old.