Google drops 7 daily new Android features

New features in Android promise to make your daily operations easier and more useful.

Google today announced seven new "everyday" features for its Android mobile operating system, including the ability to edit messages after you send them, an easier way to share hotspots, and more.

Google Messages now lets you edit RCS messages even after you've already sent them, which is a boon for those impulsive rants you sent in a hurry. Or a typo, I guess. You just need to hold down for 15 minutes after sending the RCS message, and you're good to go.

Coming soon, Instant Hotspot lets you connect your Android tablet or Chromebook to your phone's hotspot with just one tap. You don't need to enter a password, and you can even switch devices during a Google Meet call in case you need to move from your phone session to your laptop.

Want to control Google Home gadgets from your home screen? You can now add the Google Home Favorites widget to your Android phone's home screen, letting you manage and control your favorite smart devices, such as checking the temperature or turning off the lights, without having to use the Google Home app. The widget is available to anyone in Android public preview. There's even a new Wear OS complication and tile that does the same thing.

Wear OS is also getting more ways to pay with Google Wallet, and PayPal will be joining the system. Pay for breakfast from your wrist instead of having to pull out your phone at checkout.

Digital car keys are now available on "select MINI models" and will soon be available on Mercedes Benz and Polestar cars. Use your phone to unlock and start your car, and easily share keys with friends and family.

Finally, new emoji kitchen sticker packs are also coming soon, including fun remixes like a disco ball and headphones. You'll be able to share new stickers with friends via Gboard.