This app can tell you if your skincare products are working – so I tried it

When I got my first iPhone as a teenager in 2010, I went a little crazy for apps. Social media, games, water trackers, study aids—I downloaded everything, even the completely useless stuff that makes you sound like Mr. T. They feel like a (mostly) free way to organize and enjoy life—and not just ten years later, they still help me keep mine in shape. The only exception? skin care. I have apps on my phone to track my workouts and sleep, but just rely on photos to monitor changes in my skin - which leaves a lot to be desired (in one word: lighting). Finally, though, there's an app that does just that. Skin Inc's Tri-Light + SABI AI combines the skin-shaping properties of a high-tech device with the organization and information of a streamlined application - think FitBit, but for your skin. Thanks to a host of artificial intelligence features, all of which are designed to figure out how best to improve your skin overall, the multi-tool itself has the settings to actually do it. I loved the idea of ​​having the necessary information and tools to truly transform my skin—and this was a product that this app-obsessed skin care enthusiast couldn't wait to dive into.

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The application

SABI AI applications are designed to work with The Tri-Light device is most similar to a fitness app. After registering yourself and your device through the app, you'll be prompted to mark areas you'd like to improve, such as overall skin health, puffiness, wrinkles, and more. In fact, this is just the first of several quizzes. By uploading a selfie, the app will output what's essentially a skin report card, providing numerical scores out of 100 for categories like "youthful appearance" and "skin barrier." You can then switch to another self-report quiz to fill in information about lifestyle and environmental factors that may affect your skin. Based on the results, you'll get prescriptive recommendations on device settings to use in Tri-Light, which can help you achieve your skin goals - it'll even send you a small push notification to remind you. If that sounds like a lot of functionality already, it's actually just the tip of the iceberg. Order a custom Skin Inc serum blend based on your quiz results, watch tutorials, share your scores and progress with other community members, and even quickly check location-based tips like the UV Index for your area. It's like having a skin care expert in your pocket at all times - except this one won't charge you by the hour.

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Of course, super convenient apps are only half the point. The data in the app will inform your plans for the handheld device, and just like the app's features, the options are extensive. Tri-Light has eight different functions powered by LED light therapy, sound wave therapy, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy and hydration sensors to treat issues such as irritation, fine lines and skin dullness. The best part? You don't have to mess around with a million buttons or settings to figure out the right combination for you - the AI ​​presets mean all you have to do is follow the placement guidelines in the tutorial section of the SABI AI app. Probably the coolest aspect, though, is the device's moisture tracker. There is a tiny sensor on a small cover at the bottom of the handle. When applied to bare skin, you'll get an instant reading of your skin's moisture levels, which is crucial for tracking the effectiveness of topicals to further tailor your skin care routine (and keep your skin care products accountable).


While Skin Inc strives to keep the app free forever, you can choose to subscribe for a custom serum. Designed specifically for your personal questions, the app will remind you to use it and even automatically update your order. These serums take into account everything from pollution and UV levels in your location to how much sleep you get each night, delivering highly personalized blends - or, if you know what you like, you can buy Skin Inc's best-selling The serum (vitamin C and the hyaluronic acid in it) is also in the app. Prices vary by subscription, ranging from $72 per month to $95 per month, depending on your time commitment.


my comment

Surprisingly, my skin is actually in a really good condition now. Nowadays, I consider my concerns to be fairly superficial, with things like lingering melasma, fine lines, and tightness being minor issues I deal with on a daily basis. Another best-selling product from Skin Inc is the body-focused Tri-Light, which is already one of my favorite beauty devices, so I was excited to get started with the Tri-Light and the SABI AI app integration. I was a little overwhelmed after getting my skin care report card - things were clearly not as reliable as I thought, and seeing that my "youthful appearance" score was in the 40th percentile (on my 29th birthday) week, ouch) doesn’t feel that different than bombing a math test after studying hard. But this information is a good thing – it’s helpful to have a concrete starting point and a clear roadmap for how to improve my skin over time. Luckily, I did better on the hydration test; I was almost a hydration valedictorian. Over the next two weeks, I mainly tried the glow and firming features in the Tri-Light device to see if I could boost those areas. At the end of the experiment, I was ranked around 60 - not bad for just a few weeks. I can see a noticeable difference in the mirror—my skin looks brighter and I look better rested overall—but what really motivates me to keep up my skin-care regimen are the cold numbers the app shows me. Encouraged by these results, I plan to keep working on improving all my scores - I think I just found my new favorite app.

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