Here's how to find live events on Snapchat

Picture this: it's a rare free night after get off work and you're wandering around, letting the wind take you wherever the wind takes you. You decide to open Snap Maps to see if any friends are nearby, and discover that your best friend's Bitmoji is nearby. You meet up and have dinner, only to find out the next day that your mutual favorite artist is playing at a venue a few blocks away that night. Alas, a nearly perfect opportunity was missed.

A new feature from Snapchat and Ticketmaster hopes to make hosting your next spontaneous concert night (and coordinating a crew for it) even easier. Snapchat and Ticketmaster launched a new feature called Ticketmatcher on February 16 that provides users with concert recommendations based on their interests, location and friends' activity. Plus, there's a dating-app-style feature that lets you say yes or no to potential performances.

Whether you're a music fanatic in need of a concert companion or a live music lover in need of nearby recommendations, Snapchat's newest feature aims to make the experience of finding live events more social and less stressful.

Here's a complete overview of how to use the new tool.

How to use Ticketmatcher to find live events on Snapchat


If you've ever wished for a dating app that could find the perfect match for your weekend plans, look no further than Ticketmatcher. Ticketmatcher is located in the chat section of Snapchat (the conversation bubble on the tab at the bottom of the screen) and gives you event options in swipe-right and swipe-left formats. Users will receive prompts for different concerts, which they can mark as interesting or continue.

First, go to the Snapchat chat bar and click on the rocket icon. From there, you'll receive a short survey to gauge your interest. Ticketmatcher will then give you a list of upcoming events based on your favorite genres and performers, which you can swipe right or left. If you swipe right on an event, you'll be notified of any of your Snapchat friends who are also interested, and you can chat with them to make plans. You can also purchase tickets by navigating to directly from Ticketmatcher.

How to use Snap Maps to find nearby events

If you're more concerned with geographic proximity than proximity to your interests, you can also discover nearby activities with a new layer on Snap Maps. To do this, open Snap Maps and check the Ticketmaster logo on the sidebar on the right side of the screen. This will expand a layer on your snapshot map showing nearby events. This feature is especially helpful if you find yourself craving last-minute live music plans, as you can also see any friends who happen to be near nearby venues via Snap Maps.

Does it scare you to realize on your Snapchat story the next day that your work wife was sitting a few rows behind you at the concert the night before? Ticketmatcher comes to the rescue.