Find your Taylor Swift era with this TikTok filter

Calling all Swifts: Taylor Swift finally has her own signature makeup style, thanks to a new filter on TikTok. This eye-catching feature gives you a really stunning makeup look to match the cover of your favorite album, so if you're not sure what to wear on the Eras tour, this filter might give you some makeup inspiration .

You don't have to dress up like T-Swift to get revenge. Created by TikTok user @art_by__alyssa, the Taylor Swift Eras Makeup filter transforms all 10 of Swift's studio albums into stunning eye and lip looks based on their corresponding album art, so you can tell which one you are The album is done once and for all. However, instead of randomly choosing a look for you, this filter takes you through all the stages of Swift's career. To make it even more interesting, you can also use a filter with a sound called "Update Album Sound," which contains recordings of Swift's voice speaking each album title in a song or interview.

The effect began with a blue butterfly eyeshadow and eyeliner combo paired with masked gemstones and a soft pink lip, a nod to the artist's 2006 debut album Taylor Swift, followed by a glamorous bronze eyeshadow and pretty Pink lip makeup exudes a fearless vibe. When Speak Now fans see the album's purple and gold eye makeup and deep pink lip color, they're instantly transported back to the days of listening to the 2010 record in their childhood bedrooms, while Red fans see their most Don't be surprised if your favorite album gets replaced. Moody maroon eyeshadow and deep red lipstick.

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1989 Another bold red lip, light purple eye shadow base, and a whimsical white cloud bird pattern on the eyelids to keep everything young. Swift, on the other hand, is known for channeling her rebellious side with a deep red lip, thick black eyeliner, and impressive snake print detailing on her eyelids. Lover's eyeshadow is mostly pale pink with hints of blue and purple, with little hearts surrounding her eyes, and her lip color is equally sweet and sweet.

Like the 2020 record's album cover, Folklore's makeup sticks to a monochromatic scheme, including black and white eyeliner, gray eye shadow and matching star detailing around the eyes, and a sheer pink lip. Meanwhile, Evermore stuck to a tasteful copper eye makeup and deep pink lip. Finally, Swift's latest version , "Midnight," featured a sultry purple and blue smokey eye with "jewel-like" sparkly details near the eyes, and a reddish-pink lip to complete the look.

Some, like @imallergictovanilla, felt the corresponding makeup more confirmed their love for their favorite album, while others, like @willowthemirrorball, seemed to have a newfound appreciation for Swift's old album Fearless .

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TikTok favorite Swiftie @mikaelarelellano, aka the creator of the "Bejeweled" dance, even got in on the action, claiming that midnight makeup "gives people a feeling of euphoria ." He was not wrong.

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From the pop star's self-titled debut to her Midnights era , Taylor Swift Eras Makeup Filters cover it all to get you excited for your Eras tour stops.