The 4 Best Weather Apps for iPhone


The most beautiful weather app: Weather Live°

what we like
  • Notification Center contains an iPhone weather widget.

  • The app icon updates in real time to show the weather.

  • Spectacular images.

what we don't like
  • Due to the choice of font, the application's text may be difficult to read for some users.

  • Weather Live° is not a free app and the subscription is expensive.

Weather Live° is one of the most comprehensive iOS weather apps, supporting nearly every type of weather tracking - from temperature and rainfall to humidity and wind chill. Daily and weekly weather forecasts are available, each enhanced with dynamic weather photography in the background.

Weather Live° supports alert notifications, a special weather widget in iPhone Notification Center, and app icons on the Home screen that change their appearance based on current weather conditions; you don't need to open the app to check if it's raining. Have you ever asked what the best iOS weather app is? Live Weather° is just that.

Weather Live° requires iOS 12.4 on iPhone and iPadOS 12.4 on iPad. It is compatible with Apple Watch. It's free to download, with in-app purchase plans ranging from $9.99 per month to $39.99 per year.


Best Free Weather App: WeatherBug

what we like
  • The app is free (with ads).

  • The app is fully functional and data-rich.

  • Includes real-time radar and interactive maps.

what we don't like
  • There is a small fee to use ad-free weather.

  • The iOS app is not as powerful as the Android version.

Finally, a full-featured weather app that requires no subscription. WeatherBug offers forecasts ranging from pollen levels to storm warnings. It delivers real-time predictions at lightning speed. The app covers local, national and global locations (it says it can predict 2.6 million locations) and includes interactive maps and real-time radar. The app comes with tons of customization options.

WeatherBug is a free app that requires iOS 10 or later on iPhone, or iPadOS 10 or later on iPad. It is compatible with Apple Watch. If you don't want to see these ads, cancel ads for $0.99 per month or $9.99 per year.


The weather with the most attitude: carrot weather

what we like
  • You can turn down (or up!) the snark level.

  • Multiple weather data sources.

  • Home screen widgets.

  • Family subscription available.

what we don't like
  • Most interesting features require a subscription.

  • Subscriptions are automatically recurring and expensive.

If you like your weather with a bit of irony and a twist on weather forecasts, CARROT Weather is for you. Ultra-accurate weather data is top of mind, with current, hourly and daily weather forecasts available.

This 2021 Apple Design Award winner is not only beautiful to look at, it's also powerful. When you're not consulting the weather, you can unlock some of the 60 achievements or follow clues to track down secret locations.

Some personality levels occasionally include references to mild sexual content, profanity, crude humor, and suggestive themes that may offend some users, but the app comes with a pro settings option that dials all of that back.

All this good stuff doesn't come cheap. Downloading is free, but you'll need one of the recurring monthly or annual premium subscriptions, ranging from $4.99 to $9.99 per month or $19.99 to $39.99 per year, to get all the additional features.

CARROT Weather is compatible with iOS and iPadOS 13 or later and Apple Watch.

04 out of 04

Best for Weather Pros: RadarScope

what we like
  • Reliable radar images from various locations around the world.

  • A great choice for science or weather enthusiasts.

what we don't like
  • Definitely not an iPhone weather app for the average person.

  • Expensive app and subscription prices.

  • There is a problem with the Apple Watch version.

RadarScope is a high-end iPhone app for those interested in the science behind the day's weather rather than casually checking the likelihood of rain. The app allows you to view NEXRAD Level 3 and super-resolution radar data, tracking storms, tornadoes and other weather conditions in stunning detail, with data updated every few minutes.

With an initial cost of $9.99, and additional in-app purchases for membership subscriptions ranging from $9.99 to $99, RadarScope is ideal for dedicated weather enthusiasts rather than casual users.

RadarScope is compatible with iPhones running iOS 12 or later, iPads running iPadOS 12 or later, and Apple Watch.