How to tether iPad to iPhone

This article will show you how to connect your iPad and iPhone by creating a mobile hotspot in iOS settings. Instructions are for devices running iOS 7 and above.

To share your iPhone's cellular data connection with any nearby iPads so they can get online, follow these steps:

  1. Open settings .

  2. Select a personal hotspot .

  3. Move the Allow others to join toggle switch to On/Green.

    In some versions of iOS, this option is labeled Personal Hotspot .

  4. Please write down the password listed on this screen. If the default password is too difficult to remember, you can change it by tapping it and entering a new password on the next screen. Click Done to save the new password.

    Hotspot password must contain at least eight characters.

  5. Your iPhone is now ready to connect to your iPad.

Now follow the steps below to connect your iPad to your iPhone hotspot:

  1. Click Settings .

  2. Click Wi-Fi .

  3. In the "Personal Hotspot" section, click your phone's name.

  4. If prompted, enter your hotspot's password. The passcode can be found in the iPhone's menu.

  5. As long as the personal hotspot is turned on and the iPad is within the iPhone's Wi-Fi range, the iPad can access the Internet through the iPhone.

Even if your iPad is connected to your iPhone, you can use your iPhone as usual. The only difference you may notice is that your iPhone's Internet connection may be a little slower than normal because the iPad is sharing it.

Any data your device uses while connected to your iPhone will count toward your iPhone's monthly data plan. If your plan charges you overage fees or slows you down after you use a certain amount, you need to be aware of this.

It's usually best to let other devices connect for a limited time and implement features with relatively low data usage. For example, don't connect your iPad to your iPhone's cellular connection to download 4 GB games or stream movies.

Multiple devices can connect to an iPhone Personal Hotspot. These devices can be other iPads, iPod Touches, computers, or other Wi-Fi-equipped devices. Follow the steps to connect your device to Wi-Fi, enter your iPhone Personal Hotspot password, and everyone is online in no time.

Once done, turn off Personal Hotspot on your iPhone by going back to Settings > Personal Hotspot and turning the toggle to Off/White .

Turning off a Personal Hotspot automatically disconnects any devices that are using it.

Unless you are using Personal Hotspot to save battery life, keep Personal Hotspot turned off.

Although not required, iPad users should probably also turn off Wi-Fi to save battery. Open Control Center and click on the Wi-Fi icon (second from left in the top bar) so that it's not highlighted.

In some cases, Personal Hotspot may disappear from your iPhone, preventing you from connecting your iPad to it. In other cases, Personal Hotspot may stop working.