MacOS Sequoia brings artificial intelligence, new gaming features, and more

The next macOS update will make it even easier to play games on your Mac and use your iPhone without touching it.

Apple's current Continuity feature on Mac computers makes it easy to reply to text messages while you're at work, without having to pick up your phone. With macOS Sequoia, you'll soon be able to do more.

Of course, the headline news from Monday's WWDC keynote wasn't that you can use your iPhone from a Mac screen, but that Apple is going all-in on artificial intelligence with Apple Intelligence, and to that end, the newly released macOS Sequoia will have all the features. AI features follow, and with this update, you'll be able to play more games on your Mac. We're not talking about App Store games; We're talking about titles from big names like Ubisoft.

The feature that excites me the most, though, is iPhone Mirroring. This feature lets you use your iPhone from your Mac screen without touching the phone. Using iPhone Mirroring, an extension of Apple's Continuity feature, you can use your keyboard and trackpad or mouse to navigate iPhone, answer calls, send messages, and even drag and drop between your phone and computer. You can use the trackpad or mouse to perform gestures to swipe between pages or up or down, and it works on standby. Bonus: When you use iPhone Mirroring, your iPhone remains locked so others can't access it.

For some, Apple Intelligence may be more important. As with iOS 18, Apple Intelligence is deeply integrated into the functionality of macOS Sequoia. AI can use contextual clues to take actions in macOS apps, so it should be able to do things like load information from an email string into a Pages document or generate a Genmoji to send via the Messages app.

Of course, a macOS update wouldn't be a good update without some updates for Safari, and it's getting some big updates. For example, Highlights is coming to Safari. Highlighting will summarize the information on the websites you visit, it can "highlight" relevant information on the website to help you find what you're looking for quickly, and it can even provide additional information about the media being streamed through your browser.

For some readers, though, the game may be the most exciting update. With macOS Sequoia, Apple is getting deeper into gaming. Ubisoft has teamed up with Apple to bring Assassin's Creed Shadows to devices running macOS Sequoia. Other games you'll see include Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown , Resident Evil 7 , and World of Warcraft: Civil War. These games are expected to use Apple's MetalFX Upscaling to deliver stunning visuals, and some games only available on M3 Macs ( Control Ultimate Edition and Wuthering Waves ) will also feature ray tracing. If you're gaming with an iPod Pro (2nd generation), personalized spatial audio is also expected to improve your gaming experience.

Productivity updates include new window tiling capabilities, more functionality in presenter view when video conferencing, and a new Passwords app that will also be available on iOS 18 and iPadOS 18.

When macOS Sequoia is released in the fall, many other AI features will also be available, including Siri updates, AI capabilities in Messages and Mail, and improved Apple Intelligence for photos. Sequoia will be available on devices running the M1 chip or higher.