How to use Google Duet in Gmail

what to know

  • Compose a new email or open a reply and click Help me write .
  • Type a prompt that describes the email you want Duet to write, and then click Create .
  • Use Recreate and Optimize to tweak the email, then click Insert when you're satisfied with the results.

This article explains how to use Google Duet in Gmail, including creating new emails and using it to reply to messages. While you can't use Google Gemini in Gmail, Duet is an advanced Google AI that works directly in Workspace apps like Gmail and Docs.

Google Gemini is a standalone artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot similar to large language model systems like ChatGPT and Bing chatbots, so you can't use it directly in Gmail. It's capable of outputting generated text to Gmail, but Google uses its Duet AI to provide writing assistance in Gmail and the Workspace app.

In Gmail, Duet can draft new emails, compose responses, proofread emails you've written, and perform a variety of other functions based on prompts you enter.

If you don't see the "Help me write" prompt in Gmail, it means you don't have access to the feature yet.

Here's how to use Google Duet in Gmail:

  1. Open Gmail and click "Compose" to start a new email.

  2. Click the "Help me write" button (pencil icon).

  3. Enter a prompt describing what Duet wants to write, and click Create .

  4. Wait for Duet to compose the email.

  5. Click Recreate if you want Duet to start from scratch, or click Optimize to adjust options for the current email.

  6. Click "Formalize" to rewrite using more formal language, click "Elaborate" to go deeper, click "Shorten" to summarize the email in fewer words, or click "I'm lucky" for something random Rewrite.

  7. If you are satisfied with the results, click Insert .

  8. Highlight any placeholder text and replace it with the correct details.

  9. To rewrite a section of the email, highlight the section and click the "Help me write" button.

  10. Click Formalize , Elaborate , Shorten , or I'm Feeling Lucky to rewrite the highlighted section.

    The highlighted part will no longer be visible.

  11. If you are satisfied with the results, click Insert .

  12. You will now have both the original email and the adjusted email. In this example, only the third paragraph was rewritten. If you are satisfied with the result, select and delete the original version.

  13. Make any necessary changes or adjustments, fill in your email address and send.

    You can continue to use the "Help me write" button to make other adjustments or add more content until you're happy with the results.

In addition to drafting new emails, Duet can simplify the process of writing responses. You can have it write a framework for you to quickly fill in the necessary details or information, have it write a complete reply, or write a specific part of the email.

Here's how to reply in Gmail using Duet:

  1. Open the email in Gmail and click Reply.

    Gmail offers short auto-generated replies that you can choose from here, but this process will use Duet to compose a more in-depth reply.

  2. Click the "Help me write" button (pencil icon).

  3. Enter a prompt describing the response you want Duet to write, and click Create .

  4. When you're satisfied with your email, you can click Insert .

    If you're not satisfied with the results, click Recreate to start Duet over, or Optimize to adjust the response you've written.

  5. Replace any placeholder text with the correct details and send the reply.

Google Duet acts as a writing assistant in Gmail, helping you compose and reply to emails. It works the same way in Gmail as it does on the Duet website, and is implemented similarly to how you use Duet in Google Docs.

This feature adds a "Help me write" button below the formatting options that can be accessed when composing new emails and responses. Clicking the "Help Me Write" button creates a prompt input field where you can tell Duet exactly what you want it to write. You can ask it to write a thank you or condolence note, draft a letter to customer service about the product you're having trouble with, or any other type of letter you might need to write.

Although Google Duet does not have context for generating responses, you can provide context when crafting a prompt. For example, if you're responding to an invitation, you can ask it to write a reply to politely decline the invitation and give a specific or general excuse.

Overall, Google Duet works better as a writing assistant than as a writer. The feature includes several options for rewriting or tweaking the content it generates. However, you'll usually still need to replace the placeholder text and make other adjustments to any emails it's written to.

  • If you are using the main Gemini interface, it may open in dark mode. You can switch to light mode by clicking "Use light theme" in the lower left corner of the screen.

  • Google currently does not provide a standalone application for Gemini. You can only use the web interface.