How to use Google Maps to find electric car charging stations

what to know

  • Select Settings > EV Settings > Add Plug to set up Google Maps for your vehicle.
  • Open Google Maps > Services > Charging Stations to display all charging stations near your location.
  • Enter a route > your location > add a stop to add charging stations along the way.

This article will show you how to find a compatible charging station for your vehicle and plan your journey seamlessly.


The following steps and screenshots are from Google Maps on iOS. The steps are similar for Android.

Before you can start searching for charging stations, you must first set up Google Maps. If you have already set this up, skip the following steps.

Choosing the right charger for your car Google Maps settings can help you avoid confusion and get to the right charging station.

  1. Open Google Maps and click on your profile photo.

  2. Select Settings > Electric Vehicle Settings .

  3. Select Add plug and select the type compatible with your car (eg CCS, CHAdeMO) to ensure that Google Maps only shows relevant stations.

You can use keywords like "EV charging stations near me" in the search bar at the top of the Explore screen. For a more specific search, enter your charger type. Alternatively, you can use the Categories menu below the search bar.

  1. Open Google Maps on the Explore home screen.

  2. Scroll all the way along the categories to the right and click More .

  3. Go to the list under Services and select Charging Stations . This will display all stations near your location on Google Maps.

  4. Click on a charging station to view detailed information including number of charging points, charger type (very fast, slow, fast), real-time availability (if available) and other relevant details. You can filter the results using the drop-down menu above.

  5. For cars with built-in Google Maps, Maps will automatically suggest the best charging stations along the way based on the car's battery level.

On longer trips, you should add charging stations to your route before starting your journey. It helps you optimize your route even as you search and transfer to charging stations at any time.

On the Explore screen, select the filter icon and set Google Maps to show charging stations by relevance , distance , rating , EV plug type, and EV charging speed .

When pins appear on the map, you can even change them on the fly to expand your options.

Click on an EV charging station's icon to view details such as charging speed (kilowatts), real-time availability (if available at the charging station) and user photos. If you can, look at Street View to familiarize yourself with the method.

Adding an EV stop to your route is the same as adding any other stop on a route with multiple stops on Google Maps.

  1. Select your destination on Google Maps as usual.

  2. Select Routes to show directions.

  3. Click the three dots next to your location and select Add stop . If you want to charge your battery on the way, drag the search field between your starting location and your destination.

  4. Search for a selected electric station by name or address and select it to add to your route. Google Maps will optimize your route to include charging stations.

The red icon for the Charging Station category may also appear next to icons from other categories. Your engine type must be set to "Electric" in the trip options for this icon to appear.

Using the Trip Options setting can help Google Maps choose a more optimized route, which will hopefully save you some battery power.

  1. Click Directions to enter your starting point and destination.

  2. Select the three dots next to the location box and select an option from the bottom sheet menu that appears on the screen.

  3. If not selected, enable the "Preferred fuel-efficient route" toggle switch.

  4. Select "Electric" as the engine type (automotive) .

  5. Return to map.


In many cases, the information for each charging station also includes a calling function. It's always a good idea to call ahead to check on their services.