How to play "Combination Royale"

what to know

  • Swipe left or right to move colored pieces.
  • Match three or more of the same color to eliminate them. Complete the level goal within the set number of steps.
  • Get power-ups by matching four or more tiles and combine them for more powerful effects.

This article will teach you how to play the Royal Rumble mobile game and explore the best strategies for winning.

The controls in Royal Match are very simple (although the goals are often not). Here’s how to play.

  1. Swipe to move colored squares on the board.

  2. Items that match three or more tiles will clear them. You can only make moves that remove tiles.

    If movement is not possible, the game will reshuffle the deck.

  3. As you clear tiles, the tiles above them will fall to fill the space. Any matching tiles after this transition are automatically cleared.

  4. When you create a special matching item by matching four or more tiles, you can tap or swipe to activate it.

  5. Combining two special items together results in a combo action.

    You can also purchase special items using coins earned by completing levels or through in-app purchases.

The rules in Royal Match are very simple: you need to complete each level within the specified number of rounds.

  • The objectives change depending on the level you play . Early levels may only require clearing a few blocks, while later levels may have you clearing blocks that can only be destroyed by using special combo items. Another level type has you clearing a path for a bird to fall to the bottom of the screen.
  • Another level type called "King's Nightmare" may use a timer or limit your movement . These levels require you to rescue the king from dangerous situations, such as clearing a path to safety or destroying items in the way. The process is the same - swipe to match blocks to clear them - but you may need to do so within a time limit or a certain number of moves. The King's Nightmare level is optional.
  • By completing levels, you can earn stars to renovate parts of the castle. Once you've unlocked all parts of an area, you can move to another area and continue the process.

Yes, but you don't see the ending for a long time. There are currently over 8,000 levels, with more added every two weeks. In addition to the level-based campaign, you'll also find tournament, challenge, and mission modes with different play styles and objectives. The game also features special events.

Any time you fail a level, you lose a life. Life runs out and you have to wait for them to refresh. You can have up to 5 lives at a time, and you gain another life every 15 minutes.

You can get special power-ups in the battle royale by combining four or more items together in different directions - rockets, TNT, propellers and light balls. These can have a big impact on how quickly you beat a level, as they are more powerful than regular moves.

Here's how to unlock each one:

  • Rocket : Creates a row of four matching tiles. Matching horizontally will get you a rocket that launches vertically, and vice versa. Rockets clear the entire row or column in which you activate them.
  • TNT : Match five tiles in an L or T shape. The shape can be in any orientation. TNT can destroy everything within a two-square radius (up to a total of 24 squares).
  • Propeller : Combine four matching blocks into a square. When activated, the propeller clears adjacent blocks and then flies to another part of the board, clearing anything it hits.
  • Light Ball : Creates a line of five matching tiles. Swap the light ball with another tile to clear all tiles of the same color, or tap it to remove the most common tile type on the board.

In addition to power-ups, you can also purchase or obtain boosters that allow you to perform various actions without using any of your actions:

  • Royal Hammer : Removes a tile.
  • Arrow : Clear a row.
  • Cannon : Clear a column.
  • Jester Hat : Shuffle.

By combining ability boosts, you can achieve even more powerful effects. Here's a quick look at the available combinations.

You can start a level with power-ups by tapping the icon on the level start screen. You can also purchase items using coins or through in-app purchases.

  • Rockets and rockets. Clear rows and columns of tiles that you combined.
  • Rockets and TNT. Clear three rows and three columns of the board.
  • Dynamite and explosives. Clear the cells within a four-cell radius.
  • Propellers and propellers. Create three propellers and clear three random blocks as well as adjacent blocks.
  • Propellers and rockets or TNT. The propeller brings TNT or rockets to random blocks.
  • Light balls and rockets or TNT or propellers. Change the most common color item on the board to something else (e.g. all green tiles will turn into TNT, then activate).
  • Balls of light and orbs of light. Clear the entire board.