ChatGPT vs. Gemini: What’s the difference?

ChatGPT is the original artificial intelligence chatbot, but now it faces competition from Google Gemini (formerly Bard). We compared ChatGPT and Gemini on their factual accuracy, conversational skills, and what they can do in the workplace to help you decide which is best for your specific situation.

Chat GPT
  • Developed by OpenAI.

  • An email address is required.

  • ChatGPT Plus requires a monthly fee.

  • Better productivity.

  • Developed by Google.

  • A Google account is required.

  • Totally free.

  • Provide more accurate information.

ChatGPT and Gemini are both chatbots powered by artificial intelligence. On the surface, they are very similar and perform many of the same tasks. In other words, they each have their own strengths.

While ChatGPT is more productivity-focused, you can think of Gemini as a hybrid between a search engine and a virtual assistant. Gemini is more helpful if you have specific questions, while ChatGPT is better for generating ideas and content.

Both chatbots are easy to access and use, and respond to queries equally quickly. You'll need to create a Google account to use Gemini, but if you don't have one yet, it only takes a few minutes. With ChatGPT, you can sign up using any email address, including your work email, and get started right away.

Chat GPT
  • Only information from 2021 or earlier versions is extracted, no plugins required.

  • State facts without providing sources.

Google Gemini
  • Get real-time information from the Internet.

  • Provide multiple responses to questions with sources.

The most significant benefit of Gemini is that it pulls real-time information from the Internet to respond to. ChatGPT, on the other hand, is trained using a limited data set that has not been updated since 2021. Therefore, Gemini provides more up-to-date answers to popular questions.

As of March 2023, ChatGPT supports plugins that can be used to extract real-time data (such as sports statistics, stock data, etc.). But this feature is more suitable for developers making their own applications using ChatGPT; these plug-ins are not available to general users of the web interface (more on this later).

Another great thing about Gemini is that you can see different “drafts” or variations of a response. ChatGPT gives a single (usually shorter) response to a query. Both chatbots rely on the same sources, including Wikipedia, Common Crawl, and reputable articles from around the web. Gemini is more likely to cite sources in its answers, while ChatGPT often states things as facts without providing sources.

If you want to know how to do something, Google Gemini will give you more precise instructions. Gemini is also better at summarizing complex concepts, so if you have a question about something you don't understand, Gemini will usually give you a more helpful answer.

Chat GPT
  • Give concise answers to factual questions.

  • Ability to engage in more complex moral reasoning.

Google Gemini
  • Give more detailed answers generally.

  • Provide simpler answers to ethical dilemmas.

If you want to chat, you'll get more out of Gemini than ChatGPT. Its responses look more human, whereas ChatGPT is all business. When asked if it was sentient, ChatGPT gave a clear "no," while Gemini expressed uncertainty and cited philosophical debates over the meaning of "sentient."

ChatGPT appears to be more thoughtful about complex ethical issues, using philosophical concepts to reach conclusions. Gemini gives vague answers to subjective questions about ethics and morality.

ChatGPT tends to stick to the facts (pre-2021), while Gemini is more conversational and gives more in-depth answers. Gemini's responses are usually better formatted and easier to read. ChatGPT sometimes writes long paragraphs with inconsistent formatting.

Gemini can learn new facts from the Internet, and ChatGPT can learn from its conversations, so don't tell it anything you don't want the world to know.

Chat GPT
  • Integrate with Microsoft Teams and other services.

  • Better at creative tasks and coming up with ideas.

Google Gemini
  • Integrate with Gmail, Google Docs and Google Sheets.

  • Good at summarizing.

ChatGPT and Gemini are very helpful in the workplace. AI chatbots can perform everyday tasks such as drafting emails, blog articles, social media posts, product descriptions, and legal briefs.

Both chatbots have coding abilities, but ChatGPT is generally better at creative tasks. Gemini is better at summarizing transcripts of meetings, lectures and speeches.

The ChatGPT plugin also adds functionality. For example, Microsoft Teams can create schedules, draft agendas, send reminder emails, and automatically respond to project-related questions. Since Gemini integrates with your Google account, you can use it to compose emails and even use it in Google Docs.

When it comes to accurate, up-to-date information, Google Gemini is the clear winner. However, ChatGPT is better suited for productivity and creative tasks.

Don’t rely on one chatbot to get all the information – experiment by asking the same questions to two chatbots to see the difference in responses. There are many other chatbots to try, such as Bing AI and DuckAssist.

  • Gemini can be found on Google's Gemini website, which you can access while logged into your Google account. You may also see Gemini buttons in apps like Gmail and Google Docs. ChatGPT also has its own chat page, which you need an OpenAI account to use.

  • Generally speaking, both ChatGPT and Google Gemini are free. However, ChatGPT also has a "Plus" tier that costs $20 per month.