This viral Twitter post turns your Big 3 into a color palette

The "Big Three" in astrology (i.e., the Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign) can say a lot about you, but sometimes it's hard to understand what your placements actually mean and how they affect your personality. If you're not sure what your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant give off ~feeling~, there's a Twitter thread that explains everything you need to know, all thanks to *checks notes* Pantone? Rather than breaking down the characteristics of each location, this viral Twitter trend turns your three major elements into a color palette, and the results are so beautiful that they actually make sense.

Finding out which color best represents your top three colors may be something you never knew you needed, but now that it's become a thing, you'll want to run to Twitter as soon as possible. The viral post, posted by user @magstrology on April 17, assigns each position of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and Venus one of 48 gorgeous floral-based Pantone color swatches so you can create one that matches your The energy perfectly matches the mood board. The palette options are grouped together according to zodiac sign, so in order to find one that matches your birth chart, all you need to do is scroll through the thread until you find the zodiac sign you're looking for, then find the colors it's labeled Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Venus.

Each option not only includes the swatch name, but also lists the color's unique Pantone reference number, sRGB and HEX code so you can use the exact color in everything, as well as its LAB number so you can Get a better idea of ​​how to use the color. The color is ready.

According to the creator, the sun in Aries has the same radiant energy as a bouquet of roses, while the satellites in Aries are as blazing as golden poppies. On the other hand, the Moon in Taurus is as gentle as a sunflower and the Ascendant in Taurus is as calming as a green lily. Meanwhile, Gemini rising brings an orchid haze, and Venus in Gemini is as dreamy as a purple lupine.

Color options range from bright, eye-catching hues like poppy red (Aries rising) and poinsettia (Leo rising) to subtle pastels like sweet lavender (Venus in Cancer), hydrangeas (Pisces Moon) and Lilac Sachet (Virgo Rising)). Plus, there's no shortage of vibrant options, including colors like azalea pink (Venus in Libra) and honeysuckle (Sun in Sagittarius), or deep, rich tones like petunia (Venus in Scorpio) and blue iris (Sun in Aquarius) ).

The Spider Mother for the Virgo Moon and the Green Lily for the Taurus Rising appear to be the only green options available, while the Sunflower for the Taurus Moon appears to be the only yellow representative in the entire thread. Thankfully, there are plenty of blues, purples, and pinks to choose from, and even some orange variations, like Birds of Paradise for Venus in Leo and Nasturtium for Venus in Taurus.

A new trend finally makes it easy for you to express the meaning of your sun, moon, and rising signs without actually having to explain anything, interpreting your birth chart in terms that everyone can understand—including yourself.