Nothing Phone (2a) will have "great performance and a great camera"

This new phone might have everything you don't want, and everything you want.

The Nothing Phone started out as a curiosity but quickly became popular because it was different from other phones on the market. The latest version promises more of the same.

The Phone (2a) was first announced in a YouTube community update video on February 1, but the "official" announcement about the Phone (2a) came on Tuesday (also on YouTube). Like everything is gone and details are few and far between.

The overall tone suggests that this phone (2a) will be more consumer-focused (meaning less developer or super technical focus) and will have a better camera. What this might mean is anyone's guess, but with Nothing you can be sure it's well designed. The videos mention the physical design of the device as well as the work of NothingOS that powers the phone.

“What we’ve learned over the past year is that people are really starting to like what we stand for in terms of innovation — our hardware innovation, our hardware design, user interfaces with glyphs, And our software,” co-founder Carl Bay said in the video.

One of the areas Pei focuses on in the video is smartphone cameras - he says that while the cameras look larger, "when you look inside, the sensors are small and kind of useless." He also talks about The bloatware that many companies impose on smartphone users.

Another fact that is strongly hinted at is the reduction in the cost of mobile phones. While Pei didn't explicitly say that the Phone (2a) would be cheaper than previous versions of Nothing Phones, he did say, "Our products are priced much better, so it's only natural that we take some of those... uh... …efficiency gains and passing them on to our consumers.”

Now the bad news. It appears that the Nothing Phone (2a) will be coming to the U.S. as part of a developer program, which means there won't be a wide release in the U.S. initially. However, if Nothing's past is any indication, it's possible we'll see this cheaper, more consumer-focused version of the Nothing Phone become more widely available in the near future.