The 10 Best Summer Movies to Watch Now

01 out of 10

Jaws (1975): Best mayoral campaign

IMDb rating : 8.1/10

Genre : Adventure, Thriller

Starring : Roy Scheider/Robert Shaw/Richard Dreyfuss

Director : Steven Spielberg

Movie rating : PG

Running time : 2 hours and 4 minutes

When a great white shark starts attacking swimmers in a fictional New England town, the mayor's first priority is tourism. He claimed that swimming was completely safe even after multiple attacks. Despite this (spoiler alert), he remains the mayor in the sequel. Richard Dreyfuss stars as a marine biologist who teams up with a small town sheriff and local fishermen to eradicate sharks.

02 out of 10

Palm Springs (2020): A captivating love story repeated over and over again

IMDb rating : 7.4/10

Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Suspense

Starring : Andy Samberg/Cristin Milioti/JK Simmons

Director : Max Barbako

Movie rating : R

Performance time : 1 hour and 30 minutes

Imagine reliving the same day over and over again, but instead of celebrating Groundhog Day, you're attending a wedding. You fall in love with another wedding guest who is also reliving the day. "Palm Springs" is a fun romantic comedy starring the charming Andy Samberg.

03 out of 10

Midsommar (2019): If you like disturbing pagan rituals

IMDb rating : 7.1/10

Genre : Drama, Horror, Suspense

Starring : Florence Pugh/Jack Reynor/Vilhelm Blomgen

Director : Ari Aster

Movie rating : R

Running time : 2 hours and 28 minutes

The journey to Sweden for the Midsummer Festival is charming until people start disappearing and the protagonists are forced to compete in special competitions. Midsommar is shocking, funny, disturbing, and you'll keep thinking about it for weeks. Florence Pugh, who starred in last year's Little Women, gave an incredible performance.

04 out of 10

Adventureland (2009): The rollercoaster of a summer job

IMDb rating : 6.8/10

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Starring : Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Ryan Reynolds

Director : Greg Mottola

Movie rating : R

Running time : 1 hour 47 minutes

Set in 1987, Adventureland is the titular workplace of the protagonists, where love and drama quickly unfold among the rides and attractions.

Jesse Eisenberg stars as James Brennan, a college graduate who needs money and gets a job in the park's gaming area (qualifications are required to run the rides). Ryan Reynolds plays Mike Cornell, a villain and James' love rival for Em (Kristen Stewart).

05 out of 10

Dazed (1993): School is on summer vacation

IMDb rating : 7.6/10

Genre : Comedy

Starring : Jason London, Willie Wiggins, Matthew McConaughey

Director : Richard Linklater

Movie rating : R

Running time : 1 hour 42 minutes

It's 1976 and the last day of school for high school and middle school students in Texas. It features a number of teenagers looking to party and avoid being bullied, with Matthew McConaughey uttering his classic line "Okay, okay, okay."

06 out of 10

American Graffiti (1973): For those who love cars and music

IMDb rating : 7.4/10

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Starring : Richard Dreyfuss/Ron Howard/Cindy Williams

Director : George Lucas

Movie rating : PG

Performance time : 1 hour and 50 minutes

In 1962, a group of teenagers in Modesto, California, tried to enjoy the last night of the summer after graduation.

George Lucas co-wrote and directed the coming-of-age film between THX 1138 and Star Wars ; in fact, it was the first film he produced through Lucasfilm. It has cars, cruising, a young Harrison Ford, and a solid soundtrack filled with classic rock.

07 out of 10

Luca (2021): When your dream car is a moped

IMDb rating : 7.4/10

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Starring : Jacob Tremblay/Jack Dylan Grazer/Emma Berman

Director : Enrico Casarosa

Movie rating : PG

Running time : 1 hour 35 minutes

This charming Pixar film follows the new friendship between Julia and Luca and Alberta, two boys who happen to be sea creatures disguised as humans.

All the boys wanted was a Vespa (for kids who have lived in the ocean their entire lives, they look really cool), so they teamed up with the Giulia to win the Portoroso Cup, an Ironman An eventing event to determine who is the best at swimming, biking and eating pasta in this quaint Italian town.

With his usual Pixar charm and beautiful settings, Luca delightfully delivers a great message about understanding and staying true to yourself.

08 out of 10

Grease (1978): Best Summer Theme Musical

IMDb rating : 7.2/10

Genre : Musical, Romance

Starring : John Travolta/Olivia Newton-John/Stockart Janning

Director : Randall Kleiser

Movie rating : PG

Performance time : 1 hour and 50 minutes

Although almost all of the action in this movie takes place during the school year, the plot is driven by a summer romance. Based on the musical of the same name, "Grease" is so funny you can't help but sing along. It was nominated for an Oscar for its original song "Desperately Devoted to You." In 2020, Grease was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

09 out of 10

The Glass Onion (2022): When the holidays get a little murderous

IMDb rating : 7.1/10

Genre : Comedy, Crime, Drama

Starring : Daniel Craig, Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe

Director : Rian Johnson

Movie rating : PG-13

Running time : 2 hours and 19 minutes

This sequel to "Knives Out" sends world-class detective Benoit Blanc to a tech billionaire's Greek island resort for a murder mystery party that's just a little too real .

Just like the first film, The Glass Onion features an all-star cast, some great twists, and Daniel Craig's incredible (and wonderful) accent. The scene provides some beautiful backdrop to all the intrigue.

10 out of 10

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997): PSA for not hitting and running

IMDb rating : 5.7/10

Genre : Horror, suspense

Starring : Jennifer Love Hewitt/Sarah Michelle Gellar/Ann Heche

Director : Jim Gillespie

Movie rating : R

Running time : 1 hour 41 minutes

The film tells the story of four teenagers who do something terrible, cover it up, and are chased by a hook-wielding man intent on revenge. Starring nineties stars Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar, the movie isn't too gory but is still scary. Maybe consider this a cautionary tale?