13 Best Free Documentary Websites


Popular documentaries

what we like
  • Documentaries in many categories.

  • Easy to search and sort.

  • Sign up for free email alerts.

what we don't like
  • Embedded media from other websites.

  • Some movie links don't work.

Top Documentaries has a large collection of free online documentaries available from the public domain. Most are linked directly from YouTube.

The documents are provided in categories such as Religion, Society, Crime, Media, Conspiracy, Biography, and Nature. Thousands of available movies can be viewed in sortable lists or by date added, ratings, votes, titles and shares.

No account is required, so you can start streaming these movies immediately. The list of the 100 Best Documentaries is a great place to start.


Documentary Paradise

what we like
  • Easy to sort.

  • Browse, view lists, or search titles.

  • Thousands of movies.

  • The option to report broken links helps keep these streams online.

what we don't like
  • All videos are embedded from other sources.

  • Some links don't work.

Documentary Heaven has thousands of free documentaries available to watch by category, popularity, top 100 and best documentaries of the year. Movies can also be sorted by rating, newest to oldest, reviews, or title. The videos are submitted by anyone, which means there are plenty of public documentaries.

There's also a one-page list of all the documentaries you can watch here, which makes it easy to read the categories and titles. Some of the dozens of categories include mystery, science, philosophy, atheism, religion, country, business, drugs, celebrities, archeology, 9/11, performing arts, space, music, and spirituality.

Streaming is open to anyone, but you need to create a free account to leave comments and mark videos as favorites. You can provide your email address to get alerts of new files emailed to you, or subscribe to their RSS feed.


free dimension

what we like
  • Several sub-genres.

  • Supports more than 10 subtitle languages.

  • There are also TV show documents.

what we don't like
  • It's easy to accidentally stumble upon a pay-per-view movie.

  • An Amazon account is required.

Amazon Freevee (formerly IMDb TV) is a great place for free movies and has an entire section dedicated to documentaries. All of this is 100% free and ad-supported.

Once you select the documentary type, there is a subtitle filter so you can make sure your movie has subtitles in your preferred language. Subgenres are also supported, so you can find documentaries about specific content, such as music, religion, travel, history, or crime.


Documentary Tube

what we like
  • Dozens of categories.

  • Popular titles are listed.

  • Shows the number of views for each video.

  • Updated frequently with new documentation.

what we don't like
  • The appearance is messy.

Documentary Tube has free documentaries in over 40 categories, including Disaster, Health, Alien/UFO, Technology, Media, Gambling and Bizarre Documentaries.

Documentaries can also be browsed by the top 100 and thousands of document-related tags, including genetics, terrorism, death, poverty, world, surgery, ocean, gravity, and ancient times. Sort these videos by popularity or trending status, or use the random button to choose a genre for you.

There is an RSS feed to keep you up to date with new content.



what we like
  • Applications are available.

  • Works with many streaming devices.

  • No account required.

what we don't like
  • The list cannot be sorted or filtered.

Documentaries are one of thousands of free movies and TV shows on Tubi, aiming to present groundbreaking, bizarre and inspiring real-life stories.

These documentaries are in a one-page format that you can scroll through. Some examples include No Excuses, TMZ No BS: Harry & Meghan, The Phenomenon, Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers , Just Girls, The Magic Pill and Missing 411.


Action movie

what we like
  • Movies in dozens of categories and languages.

  • Create your own list of favorite movies that you can share.

  • Unique category.

what we don't like
  • Most movies are hosted on YouTube.

Films For Action has thousands of free documentaries to watch. New features and content are added frequently to the site, including social event opportunities.

Sort videos to find the best documentaries and sign up for weekly email alerts to get notified of new content. Subscribe to the RSS feed for daily updates.

Some of the categories of these films include Cities, Big Ideas, Gender, Police and Prisons, Transformation, Visions, Human Rights, Empire and Consumerism.



what we like
  • Live and on-demand movies.

  • Watch now; no user account required.

  • Includes easy access to trailers.

what we don't like
  • The movie list cannot be sorted or filtered.

Plex can also play hundreds of additional documentaries. The service acts as a home media server but also offers live TV and on-demand movies.

Since Plex is more than just a movie streaming service, it does a great job with additional details and features. For example, each movie page has a list of actors where you can find other movies that these people have been in.

If you want to create a watchlist, you can create a user account. The links below are for on-demand movies, but there are also live channels that offer documentaries, such as Documentary+.


Film Festival

what we like
  • No user account required.

  • Watch the trailer before starting the full movie.

what we don't like
  • The document list cannot be sorted.

Filmzie is built for independent filmmakers and small studios. It has short films, independent films, and more, divided into several categories, including the documentary genre.

To jump directly to the documentation, see the documentation section (link below). It can be accessed through their website and mobile app. There's also a "Last Chance to View" section, which may have some great ones you don't want to miss.

Each movie page has general data like running time, a "Watch Later" button (available when logged in), related movies you might also like, and cast and crew information.


Documentary 24

what we like
  • Multiple categories.

  • Random and popular choices are recommended.

what we don't like
  • Some videos embedded from other websites are not available.

  • Outdated social media accounts won’t help you stay current.

Documentary24 has free documentaries in multiple categories such as war, business, religion, nature, lifestyle and culture. Or, browse videos by tags like Internet, Ship, BBC, Asia, Banking, Africa, Sports, TED, WWE, Horror, and more. There is a section for the most popular documentaries as well as newly added films.

The portal states that it is committed to providing only unbiased and unbiased movies.

10 out of 13

free movie cinema

what we like
  • Past documentaries can be viewed.

  • The movie has been verified as free to watch.

what we don't like
  • Some movies are of lower quality.

  • Fewer choices than similar sites.

  • The list cannot be sorted or filtered.

  • Some movies linked from other websites cannot be played.

Free movie theater offers more streaming of HD documentaries. The videos are primarily hosted on YouTube, but they are embedded on this site and cataloged for easy finding. You can find new and old documentaries here.

11 out of 13

popcorn movie

what we like
  • No account required.

  • Provide relevant videos.

  • Subtitles for most movies.

what we don't like
  • Poor user interface.

  • There are no sorting options.

There are tons of videos on Popcornflix in a variety of categories, with hundreds listed specifically as documentaries. There doesn't appear to be a way to browse documentaries by category or popularity, but the single-page list is easy to scroll and peruse.

Series are also listed in the Documentary section, but they are separate from movies.

Since no account or registration is required, you can start enjoying free documentaries in seconds.

12 out of 13

pluto tv

what we like
  • Suitable for streaming media boxes and smart TVs.

  • No user account required.

what we don't like
  • Search is not user-friendly.

Pluto TV streams free TV shows and movies from your computer, smart TV, or mobile device. No need to create a user account to get started immediately.

To stream a document, open an on-demand page or browse a live movie channel, such as one dedicated to documentaries.

Pluto TV also has mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV so you can watch on the go.

13 out of 13


what we like
  • Feature-rich services.

  • Find free documentation on the web.

  • Multiple filtering options.

what we don't like
  • Not all resources are free.

Yidio collects free documentaries from around the web and provides you with links to watch them. Videos can be filtered by source, release date, MPAA rating, decade, and other criteria.

There's an app you can use to find documentaries on your phone, but you'll most likely need to install another app since most, if not all, of the movies on Yidio are actually hosted on other sites.