How to get verified on Instagram

what to know

  • Go to Settings > Account > Request Verification > Enter the required information > Upload a photo ID image > Send .
  • Instagram applies verified badges to the profiles of public figures, celebrities, and brands.

This article explains how to apply for a verified badge on Instagram and tips for getting approved.

If you're sure that your Instagram account meets all the eligibility requirements for the Verified badge, you can submit an application.

You must have access to the Instagram account you are requesting verification from and be able to log in through the Instagram app for iOS or Android. It is not possible to request a verified badge through Instagram will also never ask for payment in exchange for verification or contact you to confirm your identity.

  1. Sign in to the Instagram account you want to verify via the Instagram app for iOS or Android and navigate to the profile tab by clicking on the profile picture in the bottom menu.

  2. Click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the profile tab.

  3. Select Settings .

  4. Select account .

  5. Select Request Verification .

  6. Enter your full name in the "Full Name" field , describe your identity in the "Known Identity" field , and select the category your account belongs to from the "Category" drop-down list .

  7. Without closing the app, log out of Instagram and use your device to take a photo of a government-issued photo ID showing your name, birthday, or official business document. Appropriate forms include a driver's license, passport, national ID card, tax return, recent utility bill or articles of incorporation.

    Return to Instagram and tap Choose File to select your ID photo from your device.

  8. Click Send to submit your application for review.

If you are a well-known person or manage an Instagram account on behalf of a public figure, celebrity, business, organization or brand, you can apply for Instagram verification. But before you do that, you need to make sure you meet the eligibility requirements, which include:

  • Comply with Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines;
  • Authentically represents a real person, registered business or entity;
  • Represents a unique existence of a person, business or entity;
  • Be public and include a complete bio, profile picture, and at least one post; and
  • Represents well-known individuals, businesses, brands or entities with high search volume.

Instagram will review accounts that appear in multiple news and media sources, but paid or promoted content will not count toward eligibility. Instagram also won't consider censoring general interest accounts, such as those featuring popular books, funny memes, or cute dogs, regardless of how many followers the account has.

Even if an account meets all the eligibility requirements for Instagram verification, there's no guarantee that it will actually be approved. If you provide false or misleading information when applying for a verified badge, Instagram may disqualify you from applying, revoke your badge if it was provided in error, or even ban or delete you entirely Account.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t specify when you’ll expect a response to your application, but you’ll eventually be notified whether your application is approved or denied. If your application is denied, you may submit your application again after 30 days if you would like to try again.

If your application is approved and you receive a verified badge on your account, it should appear at the end of your username on your profile, in search results, and in the extended thread of comments you leave on posts.

Remember, Instagram can remove your verified badge at any time to prevent inappropriate performance or activity. This includes advertising or attempting to sell your verified account, using your profile information to promote other services, or attempting to verify your account through a third party.

The verified badge appears as a white check mark surrounded by a blue badge next to a verified user's username in their profile, search, and comment threads.

In addition to being a high-status symbol on Instagram, verified badges provide accounts with a wide range of additional benefits. These include:

  • trustworthy. Users who come across a verified account do not have to question its authenticity, even if there are hundreds of similar accounts. The blue checkmark lets them know the real person, business or entity behind it.
  • Better opportunities for cooperation. Many Instagram influencers do business with other brands, but being proven can more easily lead to more lucrative exclusive brand partnerships.
  • Access new features for the first time. Verified accounts often receive special treatment and can test or try out new features of the app before rolling it out to others.
  • Search rankings are higher. When a user searches for a well-known person, business or entity, the best matching verified results will appear at the very top of the search results. Any and all demo (unverified) accounts will appear below it.
  • Higher follower and engagement growth. Instagram users like to follow accounts that are official, authentic, and exclusive, which is exactly what the little blue tick represents. This means that more followers and engagement will make your content on the Explore page and your account more discoverable on the For You Recommendations page.

Instagram is most likely to approve verified badge requests from accounts representing individuals, businesses, brands, or entities that are at high risk of being impersonated. Verified badges help users differentiate between real accounts and fake or follower-based accounts. This explains why many celebrities are verified, but being famous isn't entirely a requirement.

Consider the following tips to help increase your chances of getting your Instagram verification request approved:

  • Use branded content on your profile. Include a clear, enticing profile picture, keywords in your username/full name along with short descriptive text and optional hashtags in your bio. Incorporate your brand into posts, Instagram Stories, and Instagram videos.
  • Receive media coverage. If Instagram can’t find anything about you on the web, your chances of getting approved for verification are slim. Promote yourself or your business by participating in interviews, being a guest host on a podcast, appearing in a YouTube influencer's video, having a story about you in the press, and more.
  • Work on your online presence as a whole. Many Instagram accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers are not verified because their existence is limited to Instagram. Work to expand your reach to other platforms such as the official website, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Pinterest, YouTube, etc., making sure all platforms are highly optimized for search.
  • Work on growing followers and engagement. The higher your follower count and engagement on Instagram, the more likely it is that your account will become a high-profile account that a lot of people know about and are looking for. Just remember to do it sincerely and don’t resort to buying followers. Check out the five best Instagram apps to help boost engagement.