The 12 Best Free Internet Phone Apps of 2024

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Google meet

what we like
  • You can talk to up to 100 people.

  • Built-in noise reduction function.

  • Includes filters, AR masks, and other fun modes.

  • Present documents and share projects during calls.

what we don't like
  • Only available to recipients who also use the app.

  • 60 minute call limit.

Google Meet is an app-to-app calling service that works across desktop and mobile platforms. The video conference is encrypted and also supports audio calls, allowing large-scale group calls of up to 100 people.

One thing I love about this app is that it displays live captions as the other person speaks.

You can call your contacts and join the meeting via meeting code or link. You can use Google Meet in your browser and in mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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what we like
  • Use encryption.

  • Text chat and video calls are also supported.

  • Supports sharing large files.

  • Sign up is easy with your phone number and PIN.

what we don't like
  • Other callers must also have the app.

  • You must also have a real phone number.

  • Registration using email alone is not possible.

Signal lets you send and receive texts, make voice and video calls (including group calls), and share your location and files. It was developed with privacy and security in mind; it uses end-to-end encryption to protect your messages and calls, so only you and the recipient can see or hear what you're exchanging.

I especially like all the extra features like payments, stories, and self-destructing messages, which uses a timer to automatically delete messages after a set amount of time.

Signal is available on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and desktop.

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what we like
  • Any user can make calls anytime, anywhere.

  • Helps you find users from existing phone contacts.

  • Works on multiple devices, including the web.

what we don't like
  • A real phone number is required to register.

  • It cannot call non-users like a landline.

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is a popular messaging app with hundreds of millions of users. However, you can also call your WhatsApp friends directly from the app using just an internet connection (this does not count against your voice minutes on your mobile plan).

All you need to do is confirm your phone number to get started. Once you use the app, you can start a new conversation, clearly see which contacts are also using WhatsApp, and then you can call them for free no matter where they are in the world.

Groups can hold up to 1,024 people, but group calls are limited to 32 people.

WhatsApp also allows you to send videos, photos, your location and contacts to other users. Like Signal, all communication within the application supports end-to-end encryption.

Since WhatsApp requires the app to make free calls, you can't use it to make free calls to mobile phones or landlines that don't have the app installed. However, if your experience is similar to mine, many of your phone contacts will have this app installed, so this shouldn't be an issue.

You can make calls through WhatsApp using your Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, or Mac.

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Google Voice

what we like
  • Runs on computers and mobile devices.

  • All calls can be forwarded to your existing phone.

  • Includes voicemail.

  • Easily connect your existing phone contacts.

what we don't like
  • An existing phone number is required to call other numbers.

  • Limit call time.

Google Voice is one of the best ways to make calls over the Internet. You will be given a real phone number so you can call the real phone number for free.

There's more to voice than that, though. It's primarily a way to manage the phone numbers in your life, and can intelligently route incoming voice calls to any other phones you have, or send them directly to voicemail. You can also filter calls, create custom away messages for specific contacts, and create groups in your contact list to apply rules, such as custom call forwarding.

Other features include free text messaging, free conference calls and free voicemail service.

The toll-free calls you make using Voice must be to a number in the United States or Canada, and calls are limited to three hours. However, you can continue calling the same number over and over for free.

Voice works through desktop browsers as well as iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

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facebook messenger

what we like
  • Make free calls to any user around the world.

  • Many people are already using it.

  • Works on computers and mobile phones.

  • Video calls are also supported.

what we don't like
  • Calls to landlines and other "real" phone numbers are not possible.

  • Only available to other users of the application.

Messenger is Facebook's messaging service. It supports text messages as well as audio and video calls between anyone using the app.

It's popular and most people you know probably own it, which makes it a great choice for Wi-Fi calling. I also enjoy using it to play games, send money, and share my location with other people.

It runs on any web browser via the Messenger website, Windows 11/10 or Mac program, and mobile apps for Android, iPhone and iPad.

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Video conversation

what we like
  • Very suitable for iPhone users.

  • Make free calls from any Apple device.

  • Unique features.

what we don't like
  • There are no Android or Windows apps.

  • Can join but cannot initiate call on Android/PC.

If you're an Apple fan, you've probably heard of FaceTime. It supports video and audio calls with other Apple devices. If you and the person you call frequently are iPhone, iPad, or Mac users, this is definitely your best option.

FaceTime is highly integrated into the Apple ecosystem, so it's built into iOS, iPadOS, and macOS and includes extra features not found in these other apps. For example, you can share your screen in FaceTime.

Here are some other features I love about FaceTime: call using a phone number or email address, live captions, transfer calls to other supported devices, use video effects during calls, leave video messages for missed calls, voice isolation Filter background sounds and real-time background blur.

You can join a FaceTime call on an Android or Windows PC, but you can't initiate the call unless you have an Apple device.

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what we like
  • Has a huge user base.

  • Use the app to make free calls to anyone.

  • Video calling is also supported.

  • Make audio calls with up to 15 friends at a time.

what we don't like
  • Only allows you to call other users.

  • Unable to call any phone numbers.

Snapchat is best known for its text messaging and picture sending capabilities, but you can also make free audio and video calls with your Snapchat contacts.

Enter chat mode with one of your contacts by clicking on a conversation or opening a new chat window. Then, use the phone icon to call them instantly for free over Wi-Fi or your device's data connection.

Since you can only call other Snapchat users, you can't use the app to make calls to your home phone or a device that's not using the app.

Snapchat is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows. You can also use Snapchat in a web browser (calling is supported there, too).

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what we like
  • Fully encrypted phone calls.

  • Works with a variety of devices.

  • SMS is also supported.

  • Supports very large group messages.

what we don't like
  • Only users can call each other for free.

  • Unable to call real phone number.

Telegram is another very popular encrypted messaging and calling app. It's very easy to use, and text messaging functionality works wherever you log in, such as on the web or through a desktop or mobile app.

A popular feature of the app is groups. A group can contain up to 200,000 people! Group video calls support up to 30 people, with unlimited voice-only participants.

Telegram runs on a variety of devices: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, macOS, Windows (portable and regular installers), Linux, and the Web.

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Send message now

what we like
  • Get a real number.

  • Includes a voicemail.

  • Supports a variety of customizations.

  • Allows you to send text messages to any phone, even non-users.

what we don't like
  • If you want to talk to a non-user, the call is not free.

  • Points are required for calls to landlines.

TextNow is a mobile application that allows you to make and receive calls from other users for free. You can also send text messages to any phone because you'll get an actual number to use. To make calls to non-subscriber phones (such as landlines), you need to purchase or earn redeemable points.

The interface is very simple. It tracks call history within the message center, makes calls quickly and easily, and you can even send messages while on a call.

In addition to sending text messages, TextNow also allows you to send photos, drawings, emojis, and your location. You can also customize voicemail greetings, receive email alerts when messages arrive, change the message screen background, use different alerts for different contacts, customize the overall theme, and use signatures for all messages.

You can log into your TextNow account on other devices and all your saved messages and phone numbers will be retained and available immediately.

Since you only need an email address to set up an account, it works on devices that may not have a phone number, such as an iPad or Kindle. If you use TextNow on Windows or Mac or over the web, you can make calls and send text messages from your computer.

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10 out of 12


what we like
  • Supports free calls to any other Skype user.

  • Make audio and video calls, and support texting.

  • Runs cross-platform on many devices.

  • You can make real calls for a fee.

what we don't like
  • You don't get a real phone number for free.

  • Calls to non-subscribers are not free.

  • Group call duration may be limited.

Skype is a popular messaging service that has been around for a long time. I've been using it to make free calls to other Skype users for years. It is available for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Creating a contact requires that the recipient already has an account; creating a Skype account is very simple on Windows and other platforms. You can look up users in public directories by email address or phone number, and if you know their username you can add a contact directly.

Not only internet calls are supported, but video calls and text messages with any other user are supported. This is an easy-to-use application that has proven its worth over the years.

Some devices come with the app pre-installed. Otherwise, you can use Skype in the browser and on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Linux, Windows, Xbox One, Alexa devices, and more.

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11 out of 12

no text

what we like
  • You will get a real phone number.

  • Voicemail is supported.

  • Calls are free to any other user.

  • Texting works with any phone number.

what we don't like
  • If a number is inactive for a long time, it will expire.

  • Your call time with non-users is limited.

Textfree is a free app that gives you your own phone number for free inter-app calls and text messages, and you can even customize your voicemail greeting.

The text messaging feature actually works on non-app phones as well, meaning you can use Textfree as another way to send text messages to friends over the internet.

Each user starts out with a limited number of free minutes to make calls to non-application-free calls, such as landlines. There are several ways to get more free time, such as watching video ads and completing free offers.

If you do not use your Textfree phone number within 30 days, it will be returned to the new user's number "pool" and become inactive. If your current number expires, you can always get another one.

In addition to the web, the app is also available through Android, iPhone, and iPad apps.

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what we like
  • All calls and texts to other users are free.

  • The app helps find existing users from your contact list.

  • Available for desktop and mobile devices.

what we don't like
  • Real phone numbers are not free.

  • Free calls can only be made between users.

Viber offers free PC-to-PC and app-to-app internet calling and therefore supports many devices. It searches the contact list on your mobile device for other users so you can easily see who you can call for free.

Messages and videos can also be sent to any other device that has the software installed, whether it's a mobile or desktop version.

You can subscribe to Viber with local numbers in various countries for receiving calls and text messages, but this feature is not free.

The app runs on Windows, Linux and Mac computers as well as Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch) mobile devices.

download :

  • WhatsApp, Skype, Google Voice and Viber can be used to make free international calls over Wi-Fi. However, if you call a mobile or landline number directly, you may be charged international rates.

  • You can get a toll-free number through Google Voice, or use apps like FreedomPop, TextNow, or TextFree. For location-independent numbers, use iNum.

  • Technically speaking, Wi-Fi calling is less secure than a landline phone because hackers can intercept your calls. That's why programs like Skype and WhatsApp use end-to-end encryption to keep your calls private.