The 3 zodiac signs least likely to believe in astrology

For some, astrology literally makes the world go round. They fully believe in and prepare for all the wacky side effects of Mercury retrograde, they celebrate each new astrological season, and they identify so deeply with their three zodiac signs that they get an astrological tattoo or list their sun, The moon, rising signs appear in their dating profile.

According to astrology expert Evan Nathaniel Grim, each zodiac sign has its own unique connection to the stars, but some zodiac signs take a different approach when it comes to celestial bodies and what they may represent. A more skeptical stance. If the topic of astrology comes up, some people will laugh at you, some will roll their eyes, and some will argue with you outright.

Rather than diving in or even just having fun with it, these signs feel like astrology isn't real, and they definitely don't believe it affects your personality, relationships, or daily life. If you start talking about the ruling planets, elements, and other interesting astronomical facts, all they can do is rub their temples and let out an exasperated sigh.

Here are the three zodiac signs least likely to believe in astrology, according to an expert.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

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Although Virgos are a changeable sign, which means they are highly adaptable, they still prefer to be as pragmatic and practical as possible in their daily lives. According to Grimm, this is why mysterious, magical subjects like astrology rarely appear on their radar.

While this earth sign tends to have close friends who are all into the crystal and tarot lifestyle, Virgos are more likely to spend their free time cleaning, writing to-do lists, and prepping meals for the week . They don't have the energy or patience to evaluate planetary aspects in their birth charts, nor do they sit down and joke about the spiritual significance of solar eclipses.

While some Virgos enjoy meditation and other spiritual-related practices, they are usually done for stress relief or for physical health benefits. If you ask them if they "believe" in astrology at all, they'll probably say no.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

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"As a sign ruled by Saturn, Capricorns tend toward more practical themes, and they like to move toward long-term goals with clear, achievable benchmarks," says Grimm. For them, a vague, abstract topic like astrology simply doesn't fit the bill.

As an earth sign, Capricorn puts their energy into age-old careers that are closely tied to society, such as finance, engineering, and corporate leadership. "Part of the reason is that they are more susceptible to demands from authority figures to maintain a good reputation," Grimm said. “They also thrive in a hierarchical environment with clear, objective responsibilities, which is conducive to a more structured, pragmatic lifestyle.”

When you meet them for brunch, all they want to talk about is their busy schedules, upcoming Zoom meetings, and ongoing work projects, because it gives them a sense of purpose. If you try to talk about something less traditional, like Mercury retrograde, there's a good chance they'll change the subject.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

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"Although Aquarius' modern ruler is Uranus, which represents awakening and epiphany, many Aquarians gravitate more toward the hard sciences, such as technology [for their careers]," says Grimm. They tend to have a no-nonsense outlook on life, which is why you won't see an Aquarius screaming with joy because their hinge match is a Gemini.

On the astrological wheel, Aquarius also opposes Leo, a warm fire sign ruled by the Sun. According to Grimm, this is why many Aquarians are known for being cold and detached, which also means they are not naturally attracted to emotional or intuitive subjects, such as astrology.

"Of course, being co-ruled by Uranus also means they can have a profound 'aha' moment that shakes them to their core and inspires them to break away from their previous thought patterns," he adds. "It's not uncommon for an Aquarian to have a difficult transition to spirituality after spending decades as an architect or engineer."


Evan Nathaniel Grim, horoscope and astrology expert