What's in store for your bank account this week, says tarot card reader

Whether you're stressed about bills or feeling extra savvy, it never hurts to be a little more knowledgeable about your finances.

To find out what's in store for your wallet in the week ahead, astrologer and spiritual counselor Letao Wang pulled out tarot cards to answer three money-related questions.

Card 1: What do you need to know about your finances this week?

When the Knight of Wands shows up in a tarot reading, you know it's time to take action. Wang said the card symbolizes energy and enthusiasm, which can be seen in the standing horse. It also shows confidence and a desire to make changes.

"Whether it's a new investment or a business idea you've been considering, Knight of Wands encourages you to pursue it with passion and determination," he said. This is a good week to ask for a raise, invest a large sum of money, or start a side hustle.

Having said that, a good knight never rushes into battle without a plan. When it comes to finances this week, you should only take calculated risks and not make rash decisions, Wang said. Do your research to make sure you know what's what, then take the plunge.

Card 2: How can we reduce anxiety about money?

The Wheel of Fortune represents destiny, success and good luck, as well as the cycle of life, its ever-rotating nature. When it comes to money-related stress, this card can serve as a reminder that change is constant and cash can flow in and out just as easily.

"If financial anxiety is a constant, this card suggests taking a more flexible and adaptable perspective," says Wang. “Understanding that financial highs and lows are a part of life can free you from constant worry.”

While spending a fortune on rent or groceries can be stressful, panicking or overthinking won't help. To reduce stress as much as possible, Wang recommends focusing on things you can control, like budgeting and saving—while also remembering that things are always turning.

This card also indicates that you will have more good luck. "In astrology, the wheel of fortune is associated with Jupiter, which is a good sign that any bad situation will turn around quickly," he said.

Card 3: What will impact your career this week?

It is said that the Emperor - who, let's be honest, looks very serious on his throne - represents power, structure, authority and discipline. According to Mr. Wang, the appearance of this card means that your career is about to be seriously affected by an authority figure.

You may be promoted into a leadership role this week, but this card may also indicate that you will be affected by the decisions of your boss or management. Either way, "the emperor will advise you to conduct your career in a strategic, organized and authoritative manner," Wang said.

Rather than losing your cool under pressure, keep the Emperor's powerful energy in mind as you take on everything. "Focus on solidifying your position, defining clear goals, and establishing boundaries," he says. "This card suggests that stability and order, achieved through hard work and leadership, will be critical to your career development this week."


Wang Letao, astrologer and spiritual counselor