3 zodiac signs to track your ex on Venmo

While some zodiac signs stop contacting after a breakup, others find it difficult to let go. They will try to check in on their ex to see what they are up to, even if it's a little unhinged. Typically, this includes spying on their Instagram Stories or checking to see if they're active on TikTok, but real detectives also know to check Venmo.

As we all know, Venmo is a money-sharing app that includes a friend list and activity feed that shows all the public transactions of people you follow. When you pay or ask for money from someone, you can keep the interaction private or post it for everyone to see.

You never know how much money was sent, but you can see the names of the people involved and the notes or titles they were paired with. Sometimes the notes are explicit, such as "March Rent," but many users simply use emojis to indicate what they paid for, such as the rice and shrimp for sushi dinner emoji.

That's not a lot of information, but it still reveals a lot. If you see your ex exchanging money with a mystery person, it could mean they are on a first date. You can also use their Venmo history to determine if they moved, traveled, or found a new job.

Michelle Bell, founder of the astrology app Cosmic Fusion, says that's exactly the kind of interesting information some zodiac signs are looking for, especially if they're not completely over a breakup. Here are the three zodiac signs most likely to stalk their ex on Venmo.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

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Other earth signs will forget about their exes the moment they break up—looking at you, Taurus—while Virgos will lie awake at night wondering what their old flame was up to, and that's when they'll start Dig Venmo.

"Virgos are known for being analytical and detail-oriented, making them experts at detecting information," says Bell. They have a keen eye for spotting patterns and inconsistencies, so they can piece together an entire story from the vaguest of emoticons.

For example, if your ex sends a few drops of water to your new friend on the first of every month, they will immediately know that they have moved in with their partner and are now paying the water bill together, which will motivate them to see what else they can come up with. What.

"They'll comb through their ex's Venmo activity for any clues about their current whereabouts or social circles," Bell said. "Virgos are passionate about gathering information and making informed decisions, so you can bet they'll stop at nothing to find the truth."

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st)

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As a water sign ruled by Pluto, all Scorpios have FBI-level DNA coursing through their veins. They were the first to realize that Venmo was a great place to stalk exes, and they happily offered their sleuthing services to their friends.

"Scorpios are known for their investigative ways, and they naturally know everything," Bell says. "When it comes to their exes, Scorpios just can't resist the urge to dig deeper."

Scorpios will want to see what their ex did after the breakup, but then they will continue to look back at the past years, almost like they are trying to hurt their feelings.

They'll stay up until 3 a.m. decoding the cryptic emojis sent in 2021 while wondering if their ex has been cheating on them. They may even begin to think that their ex intentionally made these transactions public to pass on secret information, and their instincts are almost always correct.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

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Capricorns may be one of the busiest zodiac signs, but they are never too busy to care about their ex. "Deep down, they're just as curious as the rest of us," Bell said. Once they experience the drama unfolding on Venmo, it quickly becomes their new favorite reality show.

As a sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibility, Capricorns will be especially attracted to Venmo deals that seem to be related to home or work. If they see a lot of early morning coffee emoji payments or happy hour beer emojis popping up, they'll think their ex got a promotion.

While they'll never admit it out loud, Capricorns will be shocked if they think their ex has moved on - or worse, moved in with a new partner - especially if it's been a point of contention in their relationship. . Nothing ruins your ex's day faster than seeing the same name on their feed.

Eventually, Capricorn's pragmatic side will kick in, and that's when they delete the app and vow to only pay with a credit card forever. (They want to earn more points anyway.)


Michelle Bell, founder of astrology app Cosmic Fusion