How to use the spiritual significance of January’s full moon to your advantage

It’s the start of a new year, and the first full moon of 2024 is about to light up the night sky, bringing with it all kinds of fun and creativity, but also some potential problems.

December's Cold Moon Full Moon will be followed by this month's Wolf Moon Full Moon, arriving on Thursday, January 25 at 12:54 PM ET.

Astrologer and spiritual counselor Wang Letao said that because the full moon always occurs at the end of a month's lunar cycle, this celestial event represents a sense of climax and contentment. That’s why now is the perfect time to finish projects while looking ahead to new endeavors.

He tells Bustle that full moons bring light both literally and metaphorically, which is why they also tend to "illuminate hidden truths." This is a time of high energy and intense emotions, which is why it can feel extra powerful.

Of course, each full moon appears in a different constellation depending on its position in the night sky, which is why each full moon has a unique sense of mystery and magic. This month, the Full Moon will rise in one of the hottest signs, so get ready for some drama.

The meaning of the full moon on January 25

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All full moons are special in their own way, but the Wolf Moon on January 25 has unique significance. "This celestial event will occur in the sign of Leo, a sign known for its fiery, bold and expressive energy," Wang said. "This particular arrangement infuses the atmosphere with a high level of creativity, passion and self-expression."

That's why you may feel more dramatic, creative, or energetic as Thursday approaches. "During this stage, you will find yourself full of energy, a desire to express yourself, and an increased sense of the emotional world," he says.

As the sign represented by the Sun, Leo is passionate, creative, and expressive, but as a fire sign, it can also stir up conflict. Certain disagreements or issues may come to a head in your friendships or relationships - and you may even realize it's time to part ways with certain people or situations that no longer fit.

This is especially true when exoplanet Pluto enters the air sign of Aquarius. "The full moon's opposition to Pluto at zero degrees of Aquarius provides a moment of self-reflection, helping us identify and let go of any obsessive thoughts or overly subjective emotions," Wang said. “Embrace this time as a therapeutic journey of self-awareness and personal growth.

Harness the energy of the full moon

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Wang says the best mantra for this full moon is "Don't let pride get in your way." Leo is a proud sign, but it is also a creative sign. To strike the right balance this week, don't be afraid to talk openly, share ideas, or express yourself in fun and artistic ways.

In other words, this is your chance to act a little mean. The Full Moon on January 25th might be the perfect time to share your music, sign up for an improv class, start a new hobby, or post all those photos you've been hiding in your drafts. It's all about letting go and having fun, so let your truest self shine, even if it feels awkward.

Just be on the lookout for misunderstandings and petty arguments, as these are always brewing beneath the surface when Leo is in charge. "The exuberant energy of this fire sign can amplify drama, so maintaining awareness of potential conflicts is key," says Wang.

If things come to a head, remember to express your feelings, but also trust that everything changes for a reason. "Rather than succumbing to pressure, try to channel any nervousness into positive and productive channels," he says.

In terms of your physical space, Wang says, you can prepare for the full moon by surrounding yourself with colors that reflect Leo's fun, fiery energy. Prepare a bright bouquet, light a few candles, or wear that red cardigan you just picked up because it will match the mood perfectly.

A full moon is also always a good time for deep cleaning and organizing, so break out the vacuum and donation bins and give your space a fresh look. "These physical behaviors often reflect our internal processes, helping us clear away old energy and create space for new possibilities," Wang said.


Letao Wang, astrologer, spiritual counselor