These 3 zodiac signs always forget to repay you

There comes a moment after a nice dinner or a trip to the bar when the bill is delivered to the table and everyone scrambles to figure out how to divide the check. If you're lucky, a friend will pop up with a credit card, pay for everything, and say something like "It's okay, Venmo me later."

The more diligent signs, like Virgo and Capricorn, will immediately pick up their phones and send money, while others will finish their food and drinks before heading to Venmo the next day. Often the focus of a night out is the company and conversation, so it's okay if financial matters are addressed later.

In other words, there is someone in every circle of friends who always forgets to reply to your Venmo messages. These zodiac signs require not one, not two, but three subsequent texts to serve as reminders. It doesn't seem to matter whether they owe you $15 or $150 - it still takes them a long time to send it to you.

While some of these signs will send money and apologize after a few days, others may take weeks or even months before they finally transfer the amount owed. This can cause a lot of tension and awkwardness among friends, but they will continue the habit every time they go out.

Below, three zodiac signs who always forget to reply to you are introduced, based on characteristics related to their ruling planets, elements, and more.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

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A talkative and somewhat flighty air sign, Gemini often gets caught up in conversations and doesn't even notice when the bill arrives at the table. When their friend paid, they realized and grabbed their wallets.

Although they are notorious for not responding to Venmo, they brazenly assured everyone that this time they would actually send the money. Their ruler is Mercury, the planet of communication, so their commitments are very convincing.

Once that's resolved, Gemini will jump right back into their conversation. Sometimes they'll pull out their phones and look like they're opening Venmo, but really they're just taking a photo of their drink.

At the end of the night, they would call an Uber, listen to music and go home, falling asleep immediately. This sign had little memory of the Venmo discussion when they woke up the next morning, which would explain why they needed reminders in case they actually forgot.

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st)

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When Scorpios go out with friends, they put all their energy into being in the moment as much as possible. As introverted Water signs, their social batteries are easily drained, so it takes a lot of effort and mental effort for them to listen, laugh, and participate in conversations.

By the time the check arrives after brunch, they're usually already bad, although they try to hide it. In an ideal world, they'll pay for their tofu scramble and mimosa, but before they know it, one of their more confident best friends has thrown a card on the table - usually because they want to Want credit card points.

Rather than immediately whipping out their phones to pay, Scorpios will often return to the conversation at hand while secretly hoping that no one wants to make post-brunch plans.

Once they finally get home, they need to watch Netflix and decompress. Before I knew it, a whole week had passed and Venmoed hadn't come back yet.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

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There are two reasons why Sagittarius always forgets to Venmo you back. The first is that they are too focused on having fun. When this fire sign shows up, their main goal is to dance and cause trouble—not to check to make sure their Venmo payments are up to date.

As a sign ruled by abundant Jupiter, they often have the mentality that all money-related matters will eventually settle down. They'll buy a few drinks and then their friends will have a few too, so they often forget who paid.

The second problem is that many Sagittarians have a symbolic hole in their pockets, so they may not have the funds to pay right away. They may even secretly hope that their friend will do them a favor, but also "forget" to send the request.