How to Navigate February’s Confusing Full Snow Moon in Virgo

The full Snow Moon will arrive in selfless Virgo on February 24, 2024 at 7:30 AM ET (4:30 AM PT). This new moon is ripe with progressive energy, but expect the universe to teach you some harsh lessons before things become clear.

Although the moon is in organized Virgo, Virgo's ruler Mercury is in Pisces, "which can be a confusing energy," says astrologer Erin River Sunday. That said, communication can be a little hazy, and at the same time, our imaginations can run wild if left unchecked. "Not speaking directly, but the implication, dream interpretation, and emoji translation!"

Mistakes are bound to happen during a full moon, but that doesn't mean you can't be prepared. Follow these tips to get a head start during the Full Snow Moon on February 24.

DO: Get real

This new moon carries a stern attitude as Saturn and the Sun meet in Pisces. This water sign's head is full of abstract ideas and often empty, but since Saturn is the planet of responsibility and longevity, now is a great time to come up with a game plan for achieving your goals—especially Because the Moon is stationed there in pragmatic Virgo.

"Think about how you want to feel long-term. Trust that anything that happens around this date is not going to work for you in the long run," Sunday said.

Don’t: Expect life to go as planned

You know what they say about the best laid plans. Things are unlikely to unfold in a linear fashion. "Virgo energy likes to plan, but with the Moon's ruler in Pisces, it's actually the opposite," Sunday said. It's best to have a backup in case there's a curveball.

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DO: Read between the lines

Whenever a full moon enters Virgo, details can go wrong. "Pay attention to what is not being said in this moment and trust that it means something," she said.

Since Mercury is currently in Pisces, pay attention to your body language. Ask lots of questions until you reach a comfortable point of clarity.

Don’t: Commit too hard

"Both Virgo and Pisces have mutable energy, which means they are able to change their minds and go with the flow rather than staying in one position," Sunday said.

Something will come up and change your perspective. Allow yourself to be affected and don't blame others for doing the same thing. "Stubbornness does no one any good during this full moon," she said.

DO: Listen to your gut

Virgo rules the stomach, and Pisces season takes you into the supernatural. "Pay attention to what your gut is saying. This moon phase is about the magic in the mundane, so when something feels right or wrong to you, trust yourself," Sunday said.

If you feel insecure when meeting new people, don't ignore this feeling. Or, if a tempting opportunity presents itself to you, pursue it without hesitation.

Don’t: Hold on to the past

February's Snow Moon is the last full moon of the zodiac cycle, marking a major culmination of everything you've learned since the Sun entered Aries last March. "While the moon is always tied to the past in some ways, the full moon is a time of release, and letting go of things that no longer support us is best for all of us," Sunday said.

This is the time when you say goodbye to burdensome people and circumstances and look forward to a bright future.

Do: Dream big

During this full moon, Mercury in Pisces forms an auspicious trine to expansive Jupiter, bringing a feeling of optimism. “It’s possible to be hopeful about the future but also to think seriously about how we can get there,” Sunday said.

Set sustainable goals and then chase them.


Erin R. Sunday, Astrologer