TikTok’s butter board may be the new cheese board

Tired of your charcuterie board? Want another sauce to elevate your canned fish date night? Looking for a reason to turn an entire loaf of bread into a meal? TikTok's latest trend, butter boards, could be the invention of your dip dreams. Here's everything you need to know about this viral snack and how to make your own.

The trend was first popularized by TikToker and recipe developer Justine Doiron. On September 15, she posted a video of the butter slab she made for her 1.8 million followers. "Have you ever heard of a butter board? This is what it looks like," she said, holding a dollop of colorful, rich butter topped with various toppings.

Doiron credits the butter slab to chef Joshua McFadden, explaining that it's the perfect snack when serving a crowd. The #butterboard hashtag currently has 96.9 million views on TikTok, and Doiron's original post has received 8.3 million likes since it was posted.

TikTok was quick to embrace the idea (quite literally), like the rest of the internet. Google Trends reported on September 26 that the search term "what is a butter board" increased by 750% in just one week. The trend's customizability may have contributed to its viral spread, as TikTokers crave rich, buttery bases for flavors as diverse as blueberry and lemon, shallots and green herbs, and prosciutto and caramelized onions.

If you're looking for a last-minute dish for a weekend party or just want to treat yourself to a creative snack, here's everything you need to know about the butter board trend taking TikTok by storm.

What is a butter board?

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While iterations of it come in all shapes and sizes, the basic butter slab is self-explanatory. As the name suggests, butter slab is the result of butter being spread on a slab and used as a base for different toppings. The dish is served with bread so guests can dip it on the bread board and slide it over the bread board to take in all the flavors. Doiron clarified in the comments of her viral video that, of course, you could use a knife instead.

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Although Doiron debuted butter slabs with toppings like flaky salt, lemon zest, and edible flowers, a butter slab can be anything you make. Jump on the trend, like this one from @samschnur , which includes sweet toppings like figs, strawberries, and honey. If you approach this trend with a clear head and believe that nothing is out of bounds when it comes to making buttery slabs, you're on the right track.

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Want an Italian butter slab? You can make it by adding pesto, Stracciatella cheese, roasted tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic glaze, pine nuts, salt and pepper. How about a Desi butter board? This is achieved by adding mango chutney, sea salt, crispy garlic, cilantro and chili flakes.

Some users are even remixing the trend entirely — substituting a base like cream cheese for butter on this "Everything But Bagel" board, begging to be enjoyed with mimosas.

How to Make a Butter Plate

To make a butter board, you'll need to select a serving board of your choice. It might be wise to choose a board that's easy to clean, as butter can be greasy. Take some softened butter and use the back of a spoon to spread the butter lightly onto the board, breaking it into small pieces. Or, if you're not looking for something too fancy, you can butter it any way you choose.

Once you've created your butter base, choose a few ingredients that will highlight the natural flavors of the rich ingredients. Ingredients like salt and honey are always a good choice, or you can choose different spices and herbs if you want to make a savory plate.

Get a piece of sliced ​​bread or any other conduit for dipping and serve. Not only will you have the perfect party platter for any occasion, but you'll also have the perfect conversation starter to show how much you know about the TikTok trend. It's good for you.