Here's how to get free Panera coffee before Halloween

The only thing better than unlimited free coffee is unlimited free coffee with five friends. Between now and Halloween, Panera is giving away free coffee to anyone who refers at least five new people to its MyPanera coffee subscription program. There are no tricks. It can only be treated.

Starting Wednesday, July 15, MyPanera Coffee subscribers will receive a unique link via email or the MyPanera app. All you have to do is send the link to at least five people who you think would enjoy the free coffee. (If you know five people, you know five free coffee lovers.) When those five people sign up for a MyPanera coffee subscription, you'll unlock unlimited coffee fellowship. Cue "oohs" and "aahs" and a soft golden glow.

The Unlimited Coffee Network is a weird and wonderful way of saying that between now and October 31st, you and five of your friends can each get free coffee. This applies to hot coffee, iced coffee, and hot tea. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with Panera's other espresso drinks.

The only other small caveat is that all five friends must be new subscribers. If your close circle is already very familiar with the MyPanera coffee subscription program, it's time to expand that circle to distant cousins, old school friends, and friends of your parents who still send you chain letters. Even the odd acquaintance can get free coffee.

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Earlier this month, Panera announced it would be offering free coffee through Labor Day to all new subscribers who sign up before July 13. (The deal originally ended July 4, but given its popularity, Panera extended the promotion.) The promotion offers free coffee to any new subscriber. Subscribers receive unlimited free coffee through Labor Day. Fortunately, this agreement stacks with the new Unlimited Coffee Fellowship agreement. If you've already signed up for free coffee, you'll follow the same steps to get your friends into the offer. Just send your unique link to five of your friends, make sure they all sign up, and all six of you will enjoy free unlimited coffee on Halloween.

Even if you miss the sale, you still have plenty of time to sign up for Panera's unlimited coffee social. September 7th is the last day your friends can sign up using your unique link. Call it an early holiday gift. No matter what their actual birthday is, call it a birthday gift. Literally just text them "Free coffee before Halloween is not a scam (yes, really)" and that should get them to agree. Happy coffee drinking to you and your family!