Marks & Spencer is selling a Percy Pig advent calendar

While it may seem early to start thinking about Christmas, there are some things you really need to get in order sooner rather than later, like your Advent calendar. Luckily, the choice is easy for Percy fans this year, as Marks & Spencer is selling a Percy the Pig advent calendar.

The calendar, which costs just £5, features a pig-shaped chocolate bar behind each door and comes with a pack of Percy Pigs. The Christmas special is the latest in Percy's ever-expanding product range. This Christmas, M&S is also launching a Percy Piggy Bank and a special biscuit tin filled with Percy printed vanilla biscuits sandwiched with raspberry and grape filling.

Earlier this year, Metro reported that M&S ​​launched Percy The Pig dessert spread. The sauce tastes like more delicious candy, and if you didn't know already, it's a combination of cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and grapes. You can also get an extra special rainbow treat called Party Percys, which combine peaches, strawberries and cream, apple, plum, raspberry and classic Percy flavors. The retailer describes it as "a complete flavor fest". Wow, can you safely attend a rave during coronavirus? Sign me up Even better, M&S has made its entire range vegan-friendly and shares a number of unique recipes featuring the product on its website.

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For those who want to keep Percy in their lives longer, the new Giant Percy Pig toy should fit the bill perfectly. Priced at £25, it stands 90cm tall and features his signature floppy ears, cheeky smile and perfect pink hue, all wrapped up in super soft and adorable packaging. There's also a 60cm version, which costs less at £15 but offers just as much cuddling power. In a statement to Good Housekeeping , M&S wrote: "In a year when hugs were in serious short supply, whether you need a hug from a giant or a little piggy to cling to, Percy's has something ready-made for everyone. hug."

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