Does Doja Cat's Taco Bell Song hint at the return of Mexican pizza?

If you're missing Taco Bell's Mexican pizza, you're in a star-studded company. Musicians from Demi Lovato to Dolly Parton have mourned the fast-food chain's decline since it ceased production in late 2020. Now, Doja Cat may have joined the ranks of celebrity lovers of Mexican pizza. On March 9, the Grammy nominee shared a song she wrote in honor of the cheesy beef dish on TikTok (where else?). "I wish Taco Bell hadn't stopped making it a year ago," she said in the video. "That got me thinking about this monster beat I just made."

What happened next, however, was nothing terrible. The "Kiss Me More" singer even samples the chain's iconic bell in her song, whose lyrics include a reference to the melty goodness of Mexican pizza: "I got beans/I need meat/I need one with sauce and cheese crust.”

Doja Cat also acknowledged her Super Bowl commercial with Taco Bell, which featured her covering Hole's "Celebrity Skin." But she reportedly tweeted that it was a "contractual" obligation. "They want me to rap about Mexican pizza so I wanted to give you a heads up before you see that shit - it's contractually required," Doha tweeted, according to Entertainment Tonight Canada. I know this is bad."

But does Doja know something we don’t? Because according to ET , Doja's seemingly deleted tweet also included news that Mexican pizza was coming back. Mashed also recently reported that the Taco Bell favorite may indeed be making a comeback.

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The site cited food blogger @markie_devo, who claimed in December that Taco Bell's Mexican pizza would return to the menu in April or May 2022. The blogger has previously (and correctly) predicted other trendy foods like Reese's Whipped Cream and Easter Egg Oreos, so it seems likely that Mexican pizza will make a comeback as well. It's safe to say that if Mexican pizza does make its return, there will be plenty of celebrities online celebrating with you... except maybe Doja.