You can buy bottles of Starbucks pink drinks and coffee and things will never be the same again

Spring has officially arrived, which means it's time to go for a walk before the cherry blossoms fade away. To make your stroll even more "worth it," you can always buy a pink drink from Starbucks—or enjoy it directly from the grocery store. That's right: The beloved menu item is finally available in ready-to-drink (RTD) form, and it's just right for all your holiday events this season.

If you thought pink drinks couldn't get any better, now you can satisfy your craving with just a trek to your local grocery store. Starbucks has announced that it will add a bottled version of the fan-favorite Pink Drink Refresher to the brand's growing list of RTD options on April 5, along with the equally sweet, summery Paradise Drink.

Just like the OG drink, the RTD Pink drink combines fruit juice, coconut milk, strawberry and acai flavors, only this time it comes in a vibrant pink 14-ounce bottle with a resealable cap for easy shipping and storage. Likewise, the ready-to-drink paradise drink combines coconut milk, fruit juice, pineapple and passion fruit flavors. If that's not refreshing enough, both options are also non-dairy. All season long I'd be by the pool with a drink in one hand.

The drinks are expected to hit supermarket shelves, convenience stores and gas stations nationwide starting this month, according to a press release, so you might want to clear some space in your refrigerator now just to be safe. Both the Pink Drink and Paradise Drink RTD options have a suggested retail price of $3.67, but prices may vary by retailer.

The RTD pink drink is already available on Target's website, so if you can't wait to get your hands on it, your new favorite summer drink is just a few clicks away.

Starbucks Pink Drink Target

The Refresher portfolio joins Starbucks' line of ready-to-drink beverages, as well as other popular options like the Frappuccino line and Nitro Cold Brew coffee. While these flavors may not be as popular with the season as Pink and Paradise Drinks, the brand is also launching two new RTD Frappuccino Mini iced coffee flavors. Choose from caramel and white chocolate Mocha Frappuccinos, caramel Doubleshot energy drinks, and ready-to-drink espresso options in black unsweetened and milk-sweetened varieties.