Why Nigella Lawson only lasted two weeks on her vegan diet

Nigella Lawson is known for her decadent deserts, pointed innuendo and hospitality. Is there anything she can't do in the kitchen (besides talking loudly about the microwave, maybe...) but there seems to be one dietary change she can't stand: vegetarianism. Nigella Lawson went on a meat-free diet for two weeks before succumbing to a strong craving for eggs.

Speaking to The Sunday Times about her new cookbook Cook, Eat, Repeat, Lawson said she "didn't see the point in being vegetarian". "While I do love vegetables, there's no way I could be a vegetarian," she said. "I'm glad I don't eat that much meat, but I do enjoy it."

She later clarified on Twitter that she did, in fact, "fully understand what veganism is about," adding: "While I admire those who are able to follow a vegan diet, I don't believe in making veganism the only thing What a laudable change. I think encouraging more people to eat plant-based meals will have a huge impact and benefit."

The TV chef told the Sunday Mirror she felt "very tired" and felt she had a "sudden need for eggs" after not eating meat for two weeks. (She explained that her iron levels were already low, and the protein-rich eggs made her feel better.)

She also talked about her dislike of the way some plant-based alternatives are processed. "As far as I'm concerned, I want to eat proper food and I don't want to lecture anyone because I feel like, well, I insist we have teeth to eat meaty things, so it's natural that we want to eat meat, eat it, "she says. "I know this is an argument that a lot of vegans disagree with... I respect that position, but I don't feel like I'm ready for it yet."

As one of the most famous celebrity chefs, Lawson recognizes that she talks about food from a privileged perspective. "I'm also in a privileged position and I get to eat great salted beef or lamb, so I never like to preach to others," she said.

Just because she can't maintain a plant-based diet full-time, doesn't mean Lawson doesn't have some amazing meat-free recipes in her latest book. There are entire chapters titled "Beetroot and Me" and "Vegetarian Feast". In it you'll also find recipes for roasted onions, eggplant purée, walnuts with chilli, ginger and beetroot yoghurt sauce, as well as her famous desserts.