Walmart to launch wine Advent calendar

If you're looking for a fitting send-off to this hellish year, look no further than this 12-day wine holiday calendar. This is wine! It's a holiday theme! It's a festive excuse to banish the sadness of 2020 for a while.

You can pick up Tasty's 12-Day Wine Holiday Calendar at Walmart starting November 1st. As the name suggests, there are a dozen different wines, each numbered for the last 12 days of the year. Or the first 12 days of December. Or a random number of days between now and 2021. Everyone has their own holiday calendar. The box contains a range of wines to suit any palate. There is rosé wine. There’s Pinot Noir. There are red blends, sauvignon blanc, and blood orange wines, just to name a few.

At $69.98, a calendar isn't necessarily the most cost-effective way to enjoy wine. (Each serving costs just under $6, or about two bottles of Chuck if you're counting Trader Joe's wine.) However, it's one of the most fun ways to drink. If you open a small numbered door, will you get a surprise glass of wine? bring it on! There is almost nothing that is not more enjoyable when presented behind a series of small doors.


If an alcohol-centric calendar is your top choice, you won't be short of options. The internet is awash with boozy Advent calendars featuring a dozen vials of everything from wine to beer to whiskey. There's even a pink gin holiday calendar. Did you know pink gin was a thing? Well, now you know, and you also know that you can get 12 days of vacation.

Want to spend the entire 12 days of wine tasting? Vinebox's annual 12 Nights of Wine gift box has launched in time for the festive season, as has Aldi's festive wine calendar. There's nothing stopping you from purchasing these three products and having a DIY, socially distanced wine tasting. Well, nothing but your bank account.

If you're looking for a fun and festive way to pair your wine calendar, Walmart and Tasty have you covered. In addition to the "12 Days of Wine" calendar, Tasty also sells a "12 Days of Cheese" and "12 Days of Chocolate" calendars at Walmart. Plus, all three work perfectly together, for less than $100 in total. Pair your rosé with ruby ​​cocoa center and some mozzarella cheddar cheese. Sip Sauvignon Blanc with milk chocolate English toffee and a dollop of cheddar cheese. On the first day, I drunkenly opened all 12 chocolate doors. There is indeed no error in the wine calendar.