Heinz Beanz adds a "magic" twist to your favorite nostalgic snacks

Heinz is relaunching their beloved Heinz Beanz pizza in 2022, which hasn't been seen in supermarkets since 2003. It joins new products including burgers, hash browns and bean bowls. Now, Heinz is taking it a step further by transforming simple breaded chicken nuggets into a Magical Beanz staple, creating the ultimate dinner staple.

Heinz's latest offering comes in three flavors, all coated in crispy golden crumbs. There are plain chicken nuggets with tomatoes and sweetcorn, cheesy chicken nuggets with cauliflower and cheddar cheese, and curry chicken nuggets with parsnips, carrots, coconut and mild curry spices. Each flavor contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and is suitable for vegetarians. As it happens, the original chicken nuggets and curry chicken nuggets are also suitable for vegetarians.

While anyone of any age can enjoy these delicious treats, Heinz Magical Beanz Nuggetz are specially designed for kids. “We know parents want quick, easy meals for their kids, but they also want food that’s delicious and doesn’t have anything dirty,” said Sophie Higgins, head of growth platform at Heinz New Ventures said when it comes to this product. "We're also seeing an increase in parents choosing meat-free options at least once a week. Of course, if we can help parents eat more vegetables at their kids' mealtimes, we know that's a benefit too."

"That's why we're so proud of our Magical Beanz Nuggetz: delicious, crispy chicken nuggets that kids will love. Who knew you could make nuggets with little nutritional powerhouses like beans," she explains. "They really do look amazing - or as we say, incredible. We think they're going to be a mealtime game-changer."

Heinz Magic Beanz Nuggetz are available exclusively online at ASDA and Ocado for £2.75.

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