This Percy Pig granola bar recipe calls for just 5 (yes, 5) ingredients

The power of baking has taken over the UK during lockdown, and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. Flour and yeast aren't readily available when making fluffy cakes, but there are plenty of recipes that don't use either ingredient. Includes classic cereal bars. There are many ways to make this treat, but Marks and Spencer's Percy Pig Cripy Bar recipe surpasses them all.

Percy the Pig first appeared on the shelves in 1992 (I couldn't believe it either), by which time Percy the Pig had almost become Marks & Spencer's mascot. There's even Percy Pig ice cream now. So it's no surprise that this dessert has found its way into classic baking recipes, especially since the launch of Percy Pig Dessert Sauce earlier this year. Who needs golden syrup when you have it this delicious? London food blogger @platesoftate certainly knows how to use sauce. “Move over the banana bread,” M&S aptly captioned an Insta post sharing the creation of @platesoftate, “This weekend we’re making Percy Pig Crispy Bars!