Sainsbury's is making Halloween sandwiches

trick or treat? In the run-up to Halloween, Sainsbury's has launched a special sandwich that does both. Say hello to the Spicy Hell’s Chicken Sandwich.

The limited-edition snack was short-lived, though. Served across the country until the end of October, the treat is a delicious way to celebrate the spooky holiday. (If Christmas has its own sandwich, why doesn’t Halloween, am I right?)

Sainsbury's Spicy Hell's Chicken Sandwich 'The Witch' is, as its pun-y name belies, a unique sandwich. It features black charcoal bread filled with spicy chilli marinated chicken, red Leicester cheese, coleslaw and crunchy apollo leaves. Gochujang is "a spicy Korean chili paste made from red chili peppers, glutinous rice, fermented soybeans and salt," according to Olive magazine.

The sand 'witch' is definitely a hit, priced at £3 and available in the takeaway food section of 970 Sainsbury's stores in the run-up to Halloween on 31st October.

The supermarket's product developer Shuwen Tan said: "We know our customers love to get involved in Halloween activities, so this year we wanted to offer them something innovative and different - adding a spooky atmosphere without compromising on taste. It's stuffed with lots of Juicy Korean-style spicy chicken, finished with a charcoal bun for added drama, it’s a delightful and terrifying addition to our range of takeout options this fall.”

Sainsbury's also has a wide range of Halloween merchandise, with plenty of sweet options for trick-or-treaters in the sweets, decorations and costume departments.

They also offer a variety of spirits to go with their various Halloween-themed cocktails, such as Vampire's Kiss Punch, Black Magic Bellini Punch, and Wrinkled Apple Raspberry Punch - all of which recipes are available at Found on their website so you can brew your own weird drinks.