TikTok’s most popular bartender thinks mimosas and beer-laden Bloody Marys are coming to brunch

Brunch is a ritual for many people, especially as the weather warms up and the long weekend begins. It's an excuse to try a new restaurant, wear a fun outfit, put a jingling boomerang on your wine glass, and prioritize your daytime drinking plans over a night out. Mimosas and Bloody Marys have been staples of the brunch scene for quite some time (the origins of both date back to the 1920s), but every few decades we see the food space cycle in and out of the mainstream , Hannah Chamberlain of @spiritedla tells Bustle it might be time for a change. "It all depends on the mood and the availability of ingredients," she says. “I’m open to things year-round, but some things taste better in certain seasons.”

Chamberlain is a home bartender in Oregon who shares her cocktails with more than 550,000 followers on TikTok. Scrolling through her page reveals a collection of unique vintage glassware and gorgeous easy-to-follow drink recipes, so it's no wonder her profile has over 10.3 million likes. On her page, she shares videos that help TikTok users upgrade their cocktails and host with ease—whether they're trying to whip up a seasonal punch for a crowd or wondering what kind of ice to use in a drink.

Some trend predictions say the playful "Dirty Shirley" may become the new drink of summer or that the classic martini will become the drink of choice, but as we look ahead to the many daytime brunches being enjoyed during the upcoming season, here's It's possible that brunch drink trends may be leaning more towards the wild girls of the internet this summer. Pronounced: breakfast.

Below, we talk to Chamberlain about what she thinks could be the new, boozy alternative to the basic brunch drinks of the past, and how to make better ones at home.

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Sure, mimosas and Bloody Marys are brunch classics, but what if you get tired of them? How do I upgrade these drinks?

When I think of bottomless brunch mimosas, I think of being hungover all day and passing out in bed. The flavor of mimosa is troublesome to me, so I like to mix it up and try different things. There are plenty of ways to update these classics for the summer. First off, the Canadian version of the Bloody Mary (called a Caesar) is much better. They are not vegetarian because they use clams instead of regular tomato juice, which adds a bit of interest along with the typical ingredients (vodka, caesar mix, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce) and a sprinkling of celery at the end Salt rims, they're also decorated like bloody ones.

If you're going to pair it with a mimosa, the French 75 is a great sparkling cocktail that's just a little bit boozy. Usually gin, simple syrup, some citrus and champagne. You can mix it up by changing the base liquor - you can make it cognac or tequila - or you can change the syrup you add to it to lavender, peach, raspberry, you name it . They are very Instagram worthy and delicious.

Are there any new brunch drink trends you predict will emerge this summer?

More tea cocktails, like a fusion of afternoon tea and brunch. I've seen tea cocktails on both TikTok and Instagram. You can serve it in a teapot which is really fun and it blends well with brunch. One of my favorite cocktails right now is the Old Fashioned Earl Gray.

I think brunch is going to be a trend where we get a little drunker than we normally would in the morning. Maybe we'll start seeing crazy things like brunch, brunch martinis, and brunch espresso martinis.

What will brunch be like?

It might be a play on the Bloody Mary, but with a lot less tomato juice and a little more vodka. It may also have minor decoration. Or maybe a play on mimosas, where you drink some hard liquor and add a splash of orange juice.

Editor's note: Chamberlain has since shared her take on TikTok on the "Blueberry Poptart Shot," which uses blueberry syrup, tequila, vanilla liqueur and a frosting rim.

What can people do to try new drinks at home, like for brunch?

Using fresh citrus is key to making your cocktails taste better, and using a hand juicer will also make it easier. When you're using citrus juice or anything with particles (like crushed ice), using a fine-mesh filter can upgrade your drink—and they're cheap and easy to find. If you're brunching outdoors and serving citrus, make sure your hands are covered in sunscreen, as all the residue can easily burn your skin. [Instead of a cocktail shaker], you can use Tupperware or even mason jars in a pinch - they all do the same job.

Finally, make sure to use enough ice. You can use really good wine, but if you don't use enough ice, it won't be as cold or diluted as it should be. Without the right amount of ice, you'll notice a big difference between the cocktails you make at home and the ones you enjoy out and about.

What advice do you have for people who want to experiment more with their beverage of choice?

It's important to drink something that looks good, but I think people are also returning to simplicity. They drink whatever they want, whether it's a classic cocktail or something like a dirty sherry. Lemon drops and cosmos are back - making it feel a little nostalgic without feeling overly complicated. It's just something people like, so I think going with your gut and simply doing it is a good approach.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.