Twitter goes crazy over celebrations and removes bounty bar

It's a very, very sad day for coconut lovers who love creamy milk chocolate, as the bounty has been cruelly axed from some celebration buckets as part of manufacturer Mars Wrigley's trials. A limited number of 'No Bounty' celebration gift boxes will be available in 40 Tesco stores across the UK in the run-up to Christmas. We decided to eliminate the tasty treat from the trial run after a survey found that 39% of people didn't like it. Bounty Bars, and follows a program last year that for the first time allowed customers to return unwanted Bounty Bars.

Emily Owen, senior brand manager at Celebrations, said: “Last year, we offered customers the chance to return unwanted Bounty chocolates. Now, backed by public demand, we’re trying to remove them from the tub entirely. Take out." The missing Coconut Chocolate will be replaced by additional Mars, Snickers, Milky Way, Galaxy and Maltesers.

The Mars Wrigley survey asked 2,000 people aged 18 to 65 about their chocolate preferences and found that 18% of respondents would be tempted to find a tub of celebration chocolate with only the bounty left. Feeling "annoyed". 58% said the situation led to family arguments. Still, all may not be over for this humble snack—18 percent of us still prefer the bounty.

The move undoubtedly ruffled some feathers on social media. Bounty lovers are mourning the possible loss of a beloved Christmas staple, while those who disapprove of the tropical treat are rejoicing…