McDonald's summer menu includes Tiramisu McTwister

Attention all Sleepless in Seattle fans: everyone's favorite coffee and cream dessert is now heading to the Golden Arches to get the McDonald's treatment, amid widespread confusion after the iconic romantic comedy featured sexually suggestive characters. Gently swirled with cookie flecks and coffee-chocolate sauce, it's truly a thing to behold. Fans of the fast-food chain's McFlurry lineage will also note that this is the first time McDonald's has taken direct inspiration from the world of pudding - typically, they collaborate with other existing brands. tasty. So, here’s how to buy a McDonald’s Tiramisu McFlurry in the UK.

Are you already drooling? The new Tiramisu McFlurry will be available in the UK from June 8 to July 26 as part of Maccy D's summer 'Italian' menu - which sounds like something Stanley Tucci might approve of - and will set you back £1.69 (Or mini version for £1.19). My London has spotted the new ice cream which, according to the company, represents "pure, unadulterated happiness in a paper cup".

Elsewhere on the Mediterranean menu, you'll find the fettuccine-style Italian Stack Burger (with mozzarella and bechamel sauce) and Italian Crispy Chicken - which, honestly, does exactly what it says on the tin. Later in the summer (from July 27 to September 6, to be precise), halloumi fries are finally on the menu for the first time, along with two Spanish-style burgers and some refreshing fruit punch liquor.

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Fans of the McSpicy Chicken Burger will be shocked to hear that it's temporarily being sacrificed for the greater good and won't be available again until September 6. Chocolate and Raspberry McFlurrys, Big Macs, and Big Macs with Bacon and Cheese Garlic have also fallen victim to the summer menu. Rest in peace, now.