This viral device can turn anything into ice cream

While the sound of the ice cream truck rolling down the street will never go out of style, you're probably well past the days of Powerpuff Girls popsicles and SpongeBob SquarePants lollipops. But don't worry, because now there's a way to upgrade your go-to summer snack while still honoring your inner child. Enter the Ninja Creami ice cream maker that went viral on TikTok, which turns your favorite ingredients into a delicious bowl of homemade ice cream in minutes. =

You wouldn't scroll past the #ninjacreami hashtag (which, by the way, has been viewed over 391.5 million times) before you were convinced to add this viral ice cream maker to your "TikTok made me buy it" buy list. The machine, from home appliance brand Ninja, can turn ingredients such as fruit, matcha, and even candy into ice cream, sorbets, milkshakes, and more. Homemade McFlurries, anyone? The only problem is that the base needs to be frozen for 24 hours to turn into that mouth-watering smooth finish, but that's a small price to pay for making cheesecake ice cream on the go.

This popular device comes in two styles: the Ninja Creami Breeze, a 7-in-1 ice cream maker, and the Ninja Creami Deluxe, which can make up to 11 different treats, including ice cream and frozen yogurt.

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TikTok users are getting really creative with ice cream makers, and many are sharing their favorite recipes so you can try them at home, too.

Strawberry ice cream isn't hard to find in stores, but strawberry and white chocolate ice cream is another story entirely. User @delilahdoesaesthetics whipped up a batch of beautiful treats, and it looks like the recipe only requires two ingredients.

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Another strawberry creation that only requires two ingredients is this strawberry pineapple sorbet from @sharmaynejessica — perfect for an afternoon by the pool.

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Just because it's not your birthday doesn't mean you can't test out @caitlynbk's cake batter ice cream recipe.

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Professional chef @abbyinthegalley has an entire series called "Can It Creami?" where the creator tests different ways to use the machine. Some of the TikToker's most successful recipes include pumpkin pie, mango sorbet, and Reese's ice cream.

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By the way, you can also use this machine to make ~adult~ snacks, adding an alcoholic beverage of your choice to your creations. After making the watermelon sorbet with tequila, @kaitlyneats admitted they would keep adding the rest of the sorbet.

Meanwhile, once @_abbiekae figured out how to puree a watermelon marg, the creator claimed the end result was "reason enough to buy an ice cream maker." That was a glowing review if I ever heard one.

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If you're ready to try these recipes for yourself, or you want to turn your favorite treat into an irresistible ice cream combo, the 7-in-1 Creami Breeze is available on the Ninja website for $199.99.

Ninja Cream Breeze Ninja

From unique ice cream flavors to amazing sorbets, summer is sure to be a lot cooler with Ninja Creami. Just be careful who you share your creations with, unless you want the entire neighborhood to show up to your door like you're an ice cream shop.