Jaffa Cake Cookies Just Launched in Maryland

Orange chocolate seems to be making a comeback in 2020. From Twirls to Wagon Wheels, this delicious combination is becoming a regular on supermarket shelves, and now biscuits are joining the mix, thanks to Maryland, who just created the Jaffa Cake Chef. I know. So here's where to buy The Jaffanator cookies because you don't want to miss this one.

While the cookies don't contain the signature orange marmalade found in Jaffa cakes, they do contain orange slices mixed with Maryland chocolate chips. Food reviewer @kevssnackreviews writes that those extra citrus slices add "some sweetness and chew," while the chocolate balances it out. If you haven't realized it yet, these cookies take some inspiration from the Terminator franchise and put a spin on its famous slogan, creating "I'll Be the Snack."

Citrus is a flavor often associated with fall and the holidays, which is exactly what Maryland owner Burton's Biscuits is going for. "The orange and chocolate flavor combination is a classic that will keep you feeling cozy and ready for the cooler months and festivities ahead," the company said in a press statement.

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The special edition snack, priced at £1.30, is available now in Sainbury's and Home Bargains, and will be available in Lidl from 8 October and Asda from 7 November.