The Shrimp Cocktail Eighth Note Is Back

January is not a month full of good news. But don’t worry, because I’ve got you covered with some food news that will kick off the new year and get you pumped for 2021. My friends, the Shrimp Cocktail Quavers is coming back, and in a salt and vinegar flavor.

First announced in December 2020, these premium crisp products will be available in stores from January 2021. The good news is that after what feels like months (doesn’t time just drag on these days?!), they’re finally here!

Millennials may remember these two flavors appearing around the '90s, then disappearing in 2012, much to our dismay.

But the Pacers' Will Robinson confirmed in December that they were back strong. He commented: "We know how much Quivers means to this country and there's no denying the love for the retro flavor that has been inundated with requests and petitions over the years to bring them back."

"So, we've finally given the country what it wants, with the Prawn Cocktail and Salt and Vinegar hitting shelves early next year."

Last December, the brand even held a contest on Twitter to select one lucky winner to receive a lifetime supply of these delicious treats. Sadly it's now closed, but you can buy crisps in all major supermarkets.

Walkers has confirmed to me that both flavors will be on sale from today (January 15) and will be available in Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and Co-op stores and sold online and in independent convenience stores.

You can buy a Grab Bag for 85p, a six-pack multi-pack for £1.50, a share bag or PMP for £1. Well there are lots of options!

I'll take you to the checkout...