Why does Matissa retain “exclusive supply”? their orange bunny

Easter is not far away and more and more people are buying chocolate as part of their essential shopping trip. Over the past few weeks, it seems a lot of chocolate lovers have been eyeing Malteser's orange chocolate bunnies - so much so that there's officially a shortage in the UK. So, you can buy the Orange Malteser Bunnies here before they completely sell out.

It looks like you won't be bringing Rabbit online anytime soon. Waitrose and Tesco are both sold out via their online shopping services and are not listed on Sainsbury's or Asda. Obviously, they may be available in stores, but it all depends on the location. However, it seems you can buy bunnies in bulk on sites like Amazon and eBay, but they're quite expensive at £7.99 for 7 and £21.99 for 32.

Thankfully, Madisha has a solution of her own. A statement sent to Bustle said the brand has reserved an "exclusive supply of chocolate" for a contest. The prizes are 20 great gifts, which will be awarded to four lucky winners.

If you'd like to take part, simply head to @malteasersuk on Instagram, like the post, tag a friend and comment on why you love their chocolate orange bunnies, and follow the account. The competition ends on April 2 and the winner will be notified via private message within three days of the draw. You must be 16 years or older to participate, and each person can only enter once.

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So whether you manage to find these elusive bunnies on a shopping trip or end up winning a contest, there are still a few ways to get your hands on these little gifts before Easter.