Yorkshire Tea launches jam and jam toast flavored tea bags

Some things are made for each other, like freshly baked bread with jam on top and a beer brewed by the builder on the side. So what if you could streamline that process and bring it all together? It may sound far-fetched, but the Yorkshire Tea Company is launching a toast and jam flavored tea.

Wow, 2020 just got weirder, right? Priced at £2.29, the new product from one of the UK's best-loved brands will be available in Asda supermarkets from Thursday 24th September. The product will also be rolled out nationwide later this year.

The Yorkshire Tea Company shared a photo of the new product on Instagram with the caption, "Real tea that tastes like real tea but with toast and jam too."

Kate Halloran, the product's inventor and tea innovation manager at Yorkshire Tea Company, told Good Housekeeping , "Toast & Jam is a lip-smacking toast and jam treat. It's perfect for In the morning, it’s a rich breakfast that incorporates all the loveliness of jam on toast without the crumbs!” She went on to explain: “We wanted to create a tea that makes people feel light on their feet and smile on their souls. ”

While there's no confirmation yet on what the jam will taste like, we do know that it's 100% Rainforest Alliance certified and, unlike standard toast, gluten-free.

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Britain is definitely a tea-loving country. According to a YouGov survey in August 2020, 44% of Britons drink several drinks a day. So, as you might expect, the country's tea connoisseurs have a lot to say on the matter. One Twitter user suggested that making toast and jam while drinking tea wouldn't be that difficult, to which the Yorkshire Tea Company responded: "Speak for yourself! We stabbed the cat last time we tried."

Those who want to try the tea can buy it in Asda stores from 8pm on Thursday 24 September.