Sergey from Pressure Cooker works at a celebrity-favorite restaurant in California

Netflix's new kitchen competition show "Pressure Cooker" is like a delicious cross between "Big Brother" and "Top Chef," encouraging contestants to not only cook the best but also to strategize and form alliances (or occasionally play some mind games). Therefore, it is not surprising that this format attracts chefs with unforgettable personalities such as Sergey Simonov.

In the show's introduction, Sergey talks about his "powerful" cooking style. "I want to make sure everyone knows Sergey is here...for big, bold flavors," he said. Of course, this boldness sometimes manifests itself in Sergey’s interactions with other chefs. For example, in the first episode, when Sergey mentioned working with celebrity chef Brian Malarkey, several of his fellow chefs seemed to roll their eyes. At another point, a contestant called Sergey "bossy."

In a recent interview with the Santa Barbara Independent, Sergey admits that he’s still working on honing some kitchen skills — the kind that don’t directly involve the food itself. “Cooking is easy,” he said of his job as executive chef. “It’s all management and working with people and numbers that I’m learning.”

Here's everything you need to know about the pressure cooker contestants, including the restaurant where Sergey works.

Sergey's job

As he mentioned when introducing the pressure cooker, Sergey's job is as executive chef. He sees the role as an advantage over his rivals, who are personal chefs and don't serve as many people. “They don’t feel the heat and burn of the kitchen and the production line,” he explains. "I'm one of the few services we have 500 to 600 times a night."

Sergei's work led him into the TV kitchen world before pressure cookers. He also recently competed in the Chopped Next Gen competition and placed second.

Sergei Restaurant

When he's not competing on the silver screen, Sergey works at Loquita in Santa Barbara, a Spanish restaurant that, according to its website, specializes in "hot and cold tapas, wood-fired seafood and meats, and seasonal dishes." seafood rice".

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According to Visit California, celebrities such as Natalie Portman and Jason Segel have dined at Loquita.

Sergey’s Instagram

In addition to appearing on Loquita's page, Sergei also uses his personal Instagram account to share photos of the kitchen and the necessary glamor of the food itself.

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Although Sergey has been a chef for more than a decade, his role at Loquita is quite new. In fact, he announced the career change in an Instagram post in August. He told the Santa Barbara Independent that he attended culinary school in the area and recently returned with his partner, Joey, looking for a new job. Like Sergey, she is also a pastry chef and dabbles in the culinary arts. According to Sergei's profile, they have been together since at least 2014.

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