Chilli Marmite is already a hit on Twitter

If you're like me and think everything could be improved with a dollop or two of Marmite, then this new announcement will rock your world. Unilever has launched a chilli Marmite – Marmite Dynamite – guaranteed to bring an extra kick of flavor to your favorite sauces. Interested in? Read on to find out where to buy chilli Marmite in the UK.

Marmite already has quite a few spin-offs. Marmite scones; Marmite cheese slices; and who can forget Marmite Lynx body spray ? Yes, that last one still bothers me too.

Now that we've got Chilli Marmite, Sainsbury's will be selling a limited edition Dynamite Marmite for six months from 11 February. It costs £4 and you can buy it online and in some stores. It's the B-vitamin-rich yeast extract you know and love, but with some added kick. It will definitely wake you up in the morning. It also uses vegan yeast extract so everyone can use it.

The website reads: "Dynamite is our new limited-edition chili breakfast spread. Love it or hate it, start breakfast with a bang. Your bagel explodes. Wait, what's for breakfast? Ka-pow waffles! Come on! Go ahead and shake up your mornings with Marmite Dynamite, which you can add to toast, eggs or soup for extra flavor.

Not only is Dynamite Marmite super delicious and vegan-friendly, it’s also made from 99% by-products. Their website explains that the yeast used to make the spread is the same yeast used in the brewing industry. It's sustainable and super spicy.

Although Dynamite has only been available for a few days, there are already comments on Twitter. One person wrote: "@marmite has done it again. The chilli flavor is just perfect. Requires two pots, one for spreading and one for cooking." Another was so excited that they said: "Dynamite chilli marmite Sauce, literally the best thing since Marmite! @marmite Please make it available forever.”