ASDA is selling cookie-flavored cupcakes

People's fascination with Lotus Biscoff will never go away. Known as Speculoos in their native Belgium, these caramel-flavored cookies are just the thing to satisfy your sweet tooth. Not only are they delicious on their own, but as is well documented, they are an excellent addition to a variety of sweet dishes. So, a shout out to all you Speculoos lovers out there, because ASDA are selling Biscoff flavored cupcakes and you'd better go and try them as they're limited edition.

The cupcakes are priced at a very affordable £9.2, which means as well as being easier to buy than make, it's also cheaper than buying the ingredients to make the cupcakes. They're made from stretchy toffee-flavored sponge, topped with a swirl of Speculoos-flavored icing, and a dollop of caramel sauce or some nice AF powdered sugar.

These delights may prove to be a welcome addition to the shopping cart of Lotus' ever-growing fan club. Since the brand created incredible buzz, they've really pushed the envelope in terms of exciting new products. While their range of ice cream has been happily occupying people's freezer space (albeit not for long), there was a time when the Chocolate Brownie Biscoff flavored ice cream launched earlier this summer was a huge hit with fans news.

Speculoos Flavored Cupcakes ASDA

9 spuloos flavored cupcakes.

For the more diligent Lotus biscuit fans among us, there are countless Biscoff recipes available online, and if you have vegan needs to cater for, this is a sure winner as neither Lotus biscuits nor Biscoff sauce Contains any animal products.